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5 and 10 march,2012,RUSSIA.Protest Meeting on Pushkinskaya , and Arbat square-Moscow .
Open  letter  to  newspapers  :  We ASK CITIZENS of FREE Europe - Czech Republic , England , Spain, Germany , Serbia, Montenegro, Finland , Israel , Ukraine  ,Greece, Hungary, Denmark , Italy, Macedonia, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Turkey, France, Sweden ;                                                                   North and South America ( Сanada , USA ),the MIDDLE EAST , Australia to SHOW SOLIDARITY, to SUPPORT the appeal of residents of Moscow to stop humiliation over the people not only in Moscow , in Krasnodar region where Olympic Games will be hold as well as in all other regions of Russia .

HER MAJESTY the Queen of the United Kingdom of  Great  Britain Elizabeth II :
  ПАРЛАМЕНТОМ  ВЕЛИКОБРИТАНИИ  в настоящее время на общественных слушаниях - поставлен  вопрос о нежелательном  присутствии  и  приезде  на  предстоящие Олимпийские  Игры в ЛОНДОН  в  качестве  официального лица -                                                                                    
Путина В.В.,  который  НЕ  МОЖЕТ  в  Англии  представлять интересы  обманутых  ИМ граждан  России.   " ЗАЧЕМ  ОЛИМПИАДА - когда   НЕГДЕ  ЖИТЬ ? " :

 Обманутые соинвесторы строительства жилья - протестуют на  КРАСНОЙ  ПЛОЩАДИ  Москвы .
VIDEO :  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wt_v0OR0Nbw&feature=related  

When Russia won the right to host the 2014 Winter  Olympics, a spectacular fireworks display lit up the night sky above Sochi, the Black Sea resort chosen to host the  games. Three years later , Sochi is beset by a bloody MAFIA  war,   its Olympic construction projects are dogged  by  corruption  allegations.   Later it turned out it was all about shamelessly carving up money. When Russia learned that its World Cup -2018 bid had beaten England's, Arkady Dvorkovich, a top aide to President Dmitry Medvedev, pointedly made a plea to anyone who would listen.  "Let's do it without kickbacks," he begged. Judging by past experience, kickbacks are likely to be rampant.  A top Russian businessman said earlier this year that he had paid ?4 million in bribes to a senior official in the Kremlin to secure a lucrative construction contract for the Sochi games.  An investigation is ongoing.  

 Corruption has also made road building so expensive that Esquire magazine calculated that an Olympic road currently being built in Sochi is so costly it might as well be coated in foie gras or caviar.   Events in Sochi in the last three years are troubling in the extreme and show why even people inside the Kremlin are worried that the World Cup bid win may trigger a new tide of corruption and murder.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            On November 4, the day when Russia celebrates its National Unity Day, a gang of criminals broke into a house in a village in the same region as Sochi.   Twelve people had gathered to have supper together, including four children.                                                                                         The gang stabbed  10 of them to death, suffocated the other two and then started a fire. The region is key to Russia's World Cup bid and will host two stadiums. Yet its governor, who is directly appointed by the Kremlin, admitted after the grisly murder that it was essentially lawless. "Unfortunately, to a greater or lesser extent, such criminal bands exist in the region in every municipality," said the governor, Alexander Tkachev .  The state departments and the regional authorities continue to rob not only the deceived co -investors but also simple people, mothers , pensioners  using them as financial instrument in preparation to Olympic Games 2014 :  МИТИНГ  ПРОТЕСТА НА  ПУШКИНСКОЙ  площади в Москве - 5 марта:Митинг, Пушкинская площадь, 5 марта  5 march , 2012 , RUSSIA , Pushkinskaya square in Moscow :                                                 Für freie  Wahlen in  Russland” !  Citizens of the foreign states can look on the protest meeting which took place on Pushkinskaya square - in Moscow on 5 th of  March 2012  :  thousands have taken to the streets of Moscow - against the outcome of the presidential vote. People on Pushkin Square protested the result.    About 14,000 people took part in an opposition rally "For Fair Elections" on Pushkinskaya Square, according to police estimates.  Organizers, however, say between  20,000 and 40,000 gathered for the demonstration.  The opposition claims the presidential poll was rigged with various techniques to ensure Putin's landslide victory :                                                                                                                                                                                                  ВИДЕО  о  ФАЛЬСИФИКАЦИЯХ  из  ГЕРМАНИИ -   VIDEO :  http://www.youtube.com/embed/qDt9QzgfGGsfeature=player_embedded%22%20frameborder=%220%22%20allowfullscreen%3E%3C/iframe%3E                   ПАПЕ  РИМСКОМУ : Наглый произвол и беззаконие властей  России  после сфальсифицированных президентских выборов .  В  НАРУШЕНИЕ  ХАРТИИ  МЕЖДУНАРОДНОГО  ОЛИМПИЙСКОГО  ДВИЖЕНИЯ - 5 марта 2012  года  :  ПОЛИЦИЯ и ОМОН  сапогами топтали   БЕЗЗАЩИТНЫХ ЛЮДЕЙ  на  ПУШКИНСКОЙ  ПЛОЩАДИ  города  МОСКВЫ ." - ВИДЕО :  СМОТРИТЕ ЗДЕСЬ:  http://www.odnodolshiki.ru/article.php?article_id=973 ..Как в одной знаменитой комедии: кто то перепутал бюджетные (народные) деньги со своим карманом, расходуя их не по установленному закону, а по своим желаниям.Можно взывать с мольбами и просьбами,как в пустоту, о нормальных пенсиях и зарплатах, по обещанному жилью,т. п.  Все!!! Денег нет.Cпасибопутинузаэто!

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