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Meeting 22, May, 2011- to B.OBAMA :from RUSSIA- the Olympic REPRESSIONS from the Defence Ministry.

 17 th ,  June , 2011 .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              In the internet :               ВСЯ ДАННАЯ статья имеет сноску в интернете :


                                                                           OPEN  LETTER

To the president of the U.S. of America   Barack  Obama.                                             HER   MAJESTY   the  Queen of the United Kingdom of  Great  Britain    Elizabeth II.

On the foto - Russian Minister of Defence Anatoliy Serdyukov deceived people: 

    Citizens of the foreign states can look on the protest meeting  on Pushkinskaya square - in Moscow on 22 th of  May, 2011.(Митинг протеста ВОЕННОСЛУЖАЩИХ и обманутых дольщиков жилья  на Пушкинской площади 22 мая 2011 г.)

Смотри здесь :  


        В  КРАСНОДАРСКОМ  КРАЕ  -  НОВЫЙ  солидарный  Митинг ПРОТЕСТА в  Имеретинской низменности  : 22 мая 2011 года в адлерском районе г. СОЧИ прошел  митинг  ПРОТЕСТА против  Олимпийского  кубанского и московского беспредела - с 16 до 18 часов.


         MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION   :   the CITIZEN of the FOREIGN STATE- Macedonia  , and  military pensioners, people  from  RUSSIA -  who get under the  Olympic REPRESSIONS  of  Defence Ministry ( Minister of Defence Anatoliy Serdyukov deceived people)  .   Simple  people  in city of ANAPA and Krasnodar , and   regions of  Russia - are  threatened.  Малоприятная тема в РОССИИ  - строительство жилья для ВОЕННОСЛУЖАЩИХ и обманутых ДОЛЬЩИКОВ    . Премьер-министр России Владимир Путин вновь ВЫНУЖДЕН  был  ее поднять.            putinob_2_0.jpg    Однако  хочется надеяться, что данное заявление  В  ОЧЕРЕДНОЙ  РАЗ  не  обернется  дежурным предвыборным  обещанием , и  ВОЕННЫЕ ОТСТАВНИКИ,  а также  гражданские соинвесторы  действительно получат квартиры .                                                                                                                                                 Но сегодня  в это  ВЕРИТСЯ  С  ТРУДОМ .  Правительство и МИНИСТР  обороны  Анатолий  СЕРДЮКОВ  обманывают  ВОЕННОСЛУЖАЩИХ, ВЫШЕДШИХ НА митинг ПРОТЕСТА в  МОСКВЕ  и МУРМАНСКЕ:     ВОПРОС  ВСЕХ  граждан   РОССИИ   НЕ  РЕШАЕТСЯ ,  ДОЛОЙ  КОРРУПЦИЮ  в МИНИСТЕРСТВЕ ОБОРОНЫ                              
Движение   обманутых  военных  крепнет  и   растет.     
                                                      21  мая 2011 г. - новая  акция  протеста   обманутых военнослужащих  состоялась в городе Мурманске .  А  КАК  же МОГЛИ  представители Анатолия СЕРДЮКОВА просто ограбить СВОИХ  же ВОЕННОСЛУЖАЩИХ российской армии ?     ФОТО :     МУРМАНСК                                                                                                                    ТУАПСЕ                                                                      АНАПА

   In the International Committee of the U.S. Congress 
To the chairman of the European Parliament  Mr. J. Buzek 

         To Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Viktorovich    Lavrov
 In  FIFA and  UEFA .        

We ask the foreign governments to help deceived Russian people who already protest in the streets of the cities and also outside Russian Federation.

We ASK  CITIZENS of FREE Europe - Spain, Germany , Serbia, Montenegro, Finland , Israel , Ukraine , Czech Republic ,Greece, Hungary, Denmark , Italy, Macedonia, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Turkey, France, Sweden ; ENGLAND ( and  Elizabeth II, Queen of Great Britain ) ;  North and South America ( Сanada , USA ),the MIDDLE EAST , Australia to SHOW SOLIDARITY, to SUPPORT the appeal of residents of Moscow , military pensioners to stop humiliation over the people not only in Moscow , in Krasnodar region where Olympic Games will be hold as well as in all other regions of Russia  :              

         In the internet :            www.rt-ru.info/pdf/details.pdf      

       ( примечание :   войдя в  вышеприведенную  ссылку  граждане  иностранных государств , каждый  военнослужащий , военный пенсионер,жители Кубани и всех регионов ,  любой обманутый дольщик жилья может посмотреть про протестные акции , разбазаривание общих  налоговых  отчислений всех  граждан  России в  Олимпийской  вотчине губернатора  Ткачева  под прикрытием  строительства  правительственных    дач  в КРАСНОДАРСКОМ КРАЕ.

 .    When Russia won the right to host the 2014 Winter Olympics, a spectacular fireworks display lit up the night sky above Sochi, the Black Sea resort chosen to host the games.           АНАТОЛИЙ ПАХОМОВ НА  ГЛАЗАХ  ВСЕЙ  МИРОВОЙ  ОБЩЕСТВЕННОСТИ ПОЛУЧАЕТ  ОЛИМПИЙСКИЙ ФЛАГ ИЗ РУК ПРЕДСЕДАТЕЛЯ МЕЖДУНАРОДНОГО  ОЛИМПИЙСКОГО  КОМИТЕТА .

     Three years later, Sochi is beset by a bloody mafia war, its Olympic construction projects are dogged by corruption allegations.    Later it turned out it was all about shamelessly carving up money.                                                                             When Russia learned that its World Cup -2018 bid had beaten England's , a top aide to President Dmitry Medvedev, pointedly made a plea to anyone who would listen.                      "Let's do it without kickbacks," he begged. Judging by past experience, kickbacks are likely to be rampant. 
An investigation is ongoing.         The decision was a blow to  England . Attendances in even the lower divisions are virtually without parallel around the globe. The grounds that would be used for a World Cup are modern, safe and, unlike other bids, exist in reality rather than merely on the drawing board.                                                                                               England, who many consider to be the birth place of the modern game and who host the worlds most popular professional league is disappointed once again. It was 1966 the last time England hosted a World Cup.

Corruption has also made road building so expensive that Esquire magazine calculated that an Olympic road currently being built in Sochi is so costly it might as well be coated in foie gras or caviar.

We  did want to comment on a few developments in the world’s most popular sport ( football ).   That being said, I am disturbed about the prospect of the games taking place in Russia.              It’s not that I doubt their means to make the improvements, at least on paper.     I just fear that a lot of the money will be spread into hands that have nothing whatsoever to do with the World Cup-2018 .        There’s precious little reason to have confidence in most decisions FIFA makes.

Events in Olympic Sochi in the last three years are troubling in the extreme and show why even people inside the Kremlin are worried that the World Cup bid win may trigger a new tide of corruption and murder. 
On November 4, the day when Russia celebrates its National Unity Day, a gang of criminals broke into a house in a village in

the same region as Sochi.   
On the foto: Territorial  OLYMPIC Administration, which is headed by the Governor TKACHEV A.N .

Twelve people had gathered to have supper together, including four children. 

                    The gang stabbed 10 of them to death, suffocated the other two and then started a fire. 
The region is key to Russia's  World Cup-2018  bid and will host two stadiums. 
           Yet its governor, who is directly appointed by the Kremlin, admitted after the grisly murder that it was essentially lawless. "Unfortunately, to a greater or lesser extent, such criminal bands exist in the region in every municipality," said the governor, Alexander Tkachev . 

            Citizens of the foreign states can look on the foto - in the Internet : 

12 декабря 2010 г. в день Конституции власти Краснодара не побрезговали грубо её нарушить zakrasnodar.ru regionalnews/er-protiv+prav-121210 

 The state departments and the regional authorities continue to rob not only the deceived co -investors but also simple people, military  pensioners , mothersusing them as financial instrument in preparation to Olympic Games 2014

The demonstration of the deceived co - investors of Saint - Petersburg against the policy of Russian authorities was held on June 19, 2010 , and on 27 th of November 2010 in front of the Russian embassy in the capital of Finland - Helsinki.    Protesters put forward the slogan : " Attention ! It's riskily to invest in Russia " .      President Medvedev promised to complete flats to the deceived people  on the Pioneer Avenue 100 , the city of Anapa , Krasnodar region.

  This land was allocated for the building to the shareholders firstly in 2002 , thеn in 2005 with the concurrence of the Administration of Krasnodar Territory .    Земля для строительства  жилых домов в городе Анапе выделялась с ведома Анатолия Николаевича Пахомова  ( A.PAHOMOV ), бывшего мэра города Анапы , который давал письменные обещания ограбленным людям - достроить их квартиры.           Territorial Administration, which is headed by the Governor TKACHEV A.N .,and A.PAHOMOV ( Olympic city Sochi, and Anapa-city ) schould decide firstly the housing problem of deceived citizens in Krasnodar Territory  , and only then the problem of Olympics.

Then , in 2008 the Ministry of Defence becomes the new builder on the Pioneer Avenue 100 , city of Anapa. 
Minister of Defence Serdjukov promised to complete flats to military pensioners and 100 civil families  who payed in their own money in the construction of 4 houses on Pioneer Avenue of the city of Anapa.                          The trouble with liars is that they are seldom satisfied with a single lie.

According to the order of the FEDERAL AGENCY ON MANAGEMENT OF FEDERAL PROPERTY OF RUSSIA from April , 25 th , 2008, 404 r ( point 2 . 3. ): " The duty of Ministry of Defence is to find a decision and solve all the property questions of citizens

under contracts of the investment contribution ".
Then , in the city of Anapa , on Pioneer Avenue 100Russian Minister of Defence Anatoliy Serdyukov deceived people and military pensioners

The result was a vicious cycle of increasing crime and disorder, and a growing disillusionment with democracy and free markets.

Thus, organized crime came to be responsible not only for grisly mayhem and violence, but also for functions as diverse as enforcing contracts and court judgments, providing personal security, and even allocating scarce resources (through bribes to corrupt officials).          The ability of some Russian organized crime groups to draw upon the specialized expertise and contacts of former Soviet personnel further increased their ability to compete with the Russian government both in technological sophistication (in areas such as cyber-crime) and geographic reach.

The problem is much more serious than we ever thought, and much deeper entrenched. 

It’s an enormous challenge for the government.               Is corruption in Russia a state-threatening phenomena?
 Is the current political system intrinsically unable to overcome the problem? In order to answer these questions, we should look critically at current methods of gauging corruption, its characteristics pertinent to Russia, and the very nature of corruption itself.
 Economic theory teaches that corruption is a very broad umbrella term, including such many-sided forms as bribery, embezzlement, kickbacks, cronyism, police and judicial corruption, electoral fraud and trading in influence. 
 Some of them, like petty bribery and clan cronyism, are more inherent in traditional societies. 
 But at the end of the day, all of them combine in about the oldest game, which has existed as long as humanity itself – the intertwining of wealth and power.
 The common attribute that allows their grouping is that all these forms come from the abuse of entrusted power for private gain. 
  Besides, those who line their pockets with state money are not eager to rush into Forbes offices to brag about their ill-gotten profits. That’s why making any estimates of a corruption level is so difficult; it can be gauged only by indirect manifestations.

Now     the    construction  process   in   ANAPA  (on Pioneer Avenue 100 )  is   stopped ,   simple   people   are     threatened.           пацан              

   Defence    ministry    has    promised   to   expel   against   us    the  bulldozer  , to  break  the

basements  of our  houses .
The CITIZEN of the FOREIGN STATE- Macedonia - also placed money , and wanted to get apartment on the Pioneer Avenue 100 , city of Anapa.                      
СМИ описывают другой , аналогичный случай с ветераном войны   Антоном Караванцем, который, получив отказ в улучшении жилищных условий от отечественных чиновников, попросил ...президента США Барака Обаму предоставить ему гражданство и кров, заявив, что он своей стране никому  не нужен. А перед Америкой он имеет заслуги — во время войны освобождал американцев из плена. Питерские жилищники спохватились и  пытаются как-то проблему решить, но история еще не закончена.  Как  говорится, за державу обидно.   И не только нам, но и половине россиян, принявших участие в опросе, накануне праздников проведенных ВЦИОМ : 46% россиян сомневаются в том, что все нуждающиеся в жилье ... получат обещанное.
Безусловно,  люди  в России  имеют  основания  сомневаться...

 On July , 28 th 2009 , the mayor of Moscow, has declared that flats are given to all deceived co - investors.     The statement of Moscow mayor doesn't correspond to the evident facts.        The co-investors of the 11-th microdistrict of South Tushino , city of Moscow, claimed to give them back their housing. They wait for their flats for about 6 years already. 
  People     announced    that will go on hunger strike if the authorities will not react to their requests.      All of these pathologies were predictable responses to the lack of a genuine market economy and the rule of  law.      The criminal world's mailed fist increasingly substituted for the invisible hand of the free market.     Organized crime became "the dark side of private ordering -an entrepreneurial response to inefficiencies in the property rights and enforcement framework supplied by the state.
Monitoring is necessary to protect the rights of the investor. We payed for our flats . РОДСТВЕННИКИ-ЗУБКОВ и СЕРДЮКОВ.

            But not so long ago, September 22, 2010 according to the order of the Defence Minister , his deputy- advisor on constructing L.Vinnik told the deceived co- investors from  city of  ANAPA , the military pensioners  on the reception in the Building of Armed Forces General Staff that neither we nor the  citizen of foreign state ( Macedonia ) would not get the

flats.   The heads of military office base it on tough acts which will help them to deceive not only defenceless citizens of Russia (city of Anapa )  but also the   citizens of foreign states who get under the repressions of  the Defence Ministry. 

   Beyond the horrible human toll in lives and property, the costs of organized crime include money spent on "protection" and bribes, and the significant burdens this places on small business; the lost tax, customs, privatization, and other revenue to the state; the loss of domestic and foreign investment, which is the consequence of crime's undermining confidence in the Russian economy; and the loss of individual Russians' life savings, the result of the corruption of Russian banks.
Are we guilty in fact that in Russia the laws are not observed , the corruption, lawlessness and arbitrariness flourishes , human rights are violated?

 " Absence of control in sphere of building business , under foreign press messages , has reached an unthinkable sizes even for Russia , turned into a criminal problem of the Federal scale . "

  But terrorism is far from being the only problem. A few weeks ago Taimuraz Bolloyev, boss of the Olympic development agency, Olimpstroi, suddenly resigned as news of investigations emerged into six fraud cases involving half a dozen senior members of staff.

The scams, involving salaries being paid to bogus staff, are thought to account for at least £1million but they are believed to be just the tip of a very large iceberg. Investigators have also launched corruption cases against 23 government associates and companies.    It has been suggested a lot of the murky deals surround a £4billion project to build a new railway and road along 40 miles of mountain valleys to link the city’s new airport directly to the ski resort. The demonstration of the deceived co - investors of Moscow Region against the policy of Russian authorities was held on February 12 , 2011 . 
The protest meeting which took place on Teatralnaya square - in Moscow. Citizens of the foreign states can look on the foto - in the Internet : 


   In link with the proceeding deception by the side of state structures, russian deceived shareholders of co - investory in housing ask the World Community to support Russian people . The deceived CITIZENS of Russia : on the protest meeting which took place on Pushkinskaya square - in Moscow on 27 th of

November 2010 .    Citizens of the foreign states can look on the protest meeting which took place on Pushkinskaya square - in Moscow on 27 th of November 2010 - 

in the Internet :  www.echo.msk.ru/blog/echomsk/729837-echo/ 
That's why representatives of the governmental structures also try to forbid carrying out of meetings and pickets , breaking a freedom of speech in the Russian Federation. How it can be so ?



2).Видео VIDEO : с атомной  подводной лодки.

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