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Inspection and Quarantine, according to statistics of Chongqing Shapingba seamless, the first three quarters of ordinary steel export batch Shapingba area, identify the number and value of an increase of 696%, 571% and 602% of Chongqing high-pressure boiler pipe, steel pipe exports of ordinary high growth of Chongqing boiler tubes, oil tube useful to ease the formation of trade sanctions by the U.S. and Europe decline in exports of steel pipes stainless steel tubes tend to Chongqing.
It is understood that in the note that enterprises are facing difficulties in exporting products of Chongqing, seamless steel tubes, Inspection and Quarantine Bureau actively Shapingba Chongqing seamless collection of the latest international norms, in a timely manner to provide enterprises with foreign trade measures skills and business address pointers; pointing companies to change trade measures to help enterprises adjust the product structure of Sichuan, seamless, quality and extent of progress in Sichuan steel products; to assist enterprises in ordinary steel pipe and shaped pipe consumption has been broken PURPLE INDULGENCE ghd IV styler, the council mission personnel to increase support for efforts to deepen reform in Sichuan enterprises seamless skills, techniques and business work together to overcome many difficulties in Guizhou steel; help companies develop more types of steel geographical strengths Shapingba actively open up the Northwest sub-market, pointing a single export enterprises changed the form of products RED LUST ghd IV styler, enhanced collaboration with the foreign trade company in Guizhou seamless steel pipe, so that the export products through multiple channels.
Guizhou together with this seamless, Inspection and Quarantine Bureau on the one hand the United Shapingba new classification management method,ghd sale according to the variety of metal materials Pure Black GHD straighteners, use, export country and the product quality and other factors fertilizer Purple GHD straighteners, be useful in risk assessment and control of the root test on the set of useful regulatory mechanism superstition Chongqing forklift; the other hand Cheapest GHD, the council continue in operation 24 hours and the \machine manufacturing company.ghd straighteners or cheap ghd straighteners
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