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View of the global cement market system, degree of wave after wave of hot, first in Europe, after the end of the China-Africa Forum, the African cement market is heating up, now the \can be used to describe the full swing is in no way exaggerated.
Recently, the Southeast Asian cement market along with the hot economic development in Southeast Asia is also beginning to heat up, especially Youyi Vietnam, India, Pakistan, the most hot market, this phenomenon cement exports to China is undoubtedly a new opportunity for development, taking advantage of the momentum stocks, China's cement exports to Southeast Asia is gradually increasing. the growing frequency of trade, which showed a large positive situation still exists behind the Many issues of concern.
Vietnam cement trade - trade friction
frequent gradually Health Ministry of Trade, according to the more 5-June forecast of cement market in Vietnam and the rapid growth in demand, sales of cement is estimated that 32-34 per month tons. It is understood that in April into the building thermal quarters, sales of cement in Vietnam smooth Pure Black GHD straighteners, ex-factory price of cement increased by 10,000 per kg from 5 to 30,000 VND.
to catch the current rapid economic development of cement elevator
prices and the growing market demand, the recent mapping of the Vietnamese cement market booming trend.
It is understood that Vietnam's rapid economic development in recent years, the average annual growth rate of 7.5%, GDP growth rate among the first in Southeast Asia Asian forefront. With the development of national economy, in recent years in terms of transportation infrastructure investment of about 150-170 million U.S. dollars, the infrastructure is also engaged in full swing, rural and urban construction of accessible transport network will be vigorously development of transport, so the cement demand is also increasing year by year.
the Vietnamese Ministry of Construction, according to forecasts, the demand for the year 2007 will be 34.6 million tons to 540 million tons, an increase of 9.5% to 10% ghd straighteners cheap, demand was rising year by year trend, while Vietnam existing stocks of cement and clinker was 1.52 million tons, according to Viet Nam is currently the industry's actual production capacity of cement clinker to know ghd RED IV styler, in 2007 Vietnam to import about 500 million tons to 550 tons of cement clinker to meet the needs of the market. Meanwhile, coal, electricity, transportation and other price increases, leading to increased inputs, making a corresponding rise in cement prices, the highest increase of 2 million VND per tonne ($ 1.25). So Vietnamese cement industry was unanimously optimistic about prospects for the development, it is estimated that by 2020 the Vietnamese cement market demand will reach 7 million tons.
According to informed sources, the Vietnamese government has also given strong cement the support of early In January this year, Viet Nam Tao Jiang Cement AG to Bank of Agriculture and Rural Development Hanoi, Thang Long Branch and Branch Development Bank signed a cement plant project loans to Tao Jiang VND 37 billion of bank loans to trade credit contract. with this loans, will speed up the Tao River Cement construction projects in progress, you can see the more the Government is strong support for local cement production capacity expansion, showing support for the national industry.
Now Vietnam has become Asia's most dynamic countries is one of the world's new investment hot spot, and the development prospects for the international community generally good Kiss GHD straighteners, many authoritative economists are rating the world is: the world one of the few truly untapped markets, for investors , with long-term growth potential of Vietnam's accession to the WTO .2007, which means that Vietnam has a population of 84 million began the big stage on the world economy.
increasing cooperation
3 months, China's building materials and equipment limited The company has successfully concluded two in Vietnam at 1,000 tons of cement production line;
followed by morning Engineering Design Institute of Sichuan Branch of the design of the Vietnamese building materials Luks Cement Co., Ltd. 1750t / d new dry cement before construction ignition operation;
4 On 20 April, 23, by the China Building Material Co., Ltd. General Contracting company, Nissan Vietnam Yishan 6,000 tons of cement cement production line contract signing ceremony, the ceremony has held in Vietnam. After the completion of the project, Vietnam to date technology will be the most advanced and largest cement projects, but also China's building materials industry in Vietnam's largest export item.
industry sources,ghd sale more cooperation in a number of large cement production line started construction and operation, marking for China's enterprises , the opportunity has come.ghd straighteners or cheap ghd straighteners
The source also said that at present, China's domestic cement industry is the focus of attention in addition to energy saving and sustainable development issues, explore new markets in the industry is also the focus of large enterprise groups. Like China National Building Material Co., Ltd. is a big business, has started to expand in Vietnam long this \Vietnamese cement industry's \is not easy, according to the Vietnamese \cause departments concerned, many experts believe, is the Vietnamese market in China than the quality of cement clinker and cement imports from Thailand and the domestic production of similar products of poor quality, because of China cement price is too cheap, to the Vietnam Cement legitimate enterprises caused difficulties. Now a month from the more northern provinces (Quang Ninh, such as Mong Cai) smuggled into China about 2000-3000 tons of cement, China cement wrapping paper thin, the Chinese marked with a specification of 40-50 kg / bag. reports said, through an intuitive, easy to damage, such as packing bags, cement agglomeration and difficult to freezing and so on, we can see the poor quality of China's cement.
this, market analysts said that the whole system view of the export market, smuggling is a very low-quality cement A small part of most of Vietnam's cement exports will be through the two customs checkpoints in the more stringent checks, quality problems may not exist, and now the Vietnamese press reported that \br> He told reporters that the situation also reflects the current cheap Chinese cement to the advantage of the market in Vietnam is very red on the sales and market share to a relatively high level.
The analysts also introduced to, and not just cement, many products exported to China will encounter such local special \large number of imports, after the introduction of capital and technology found on the country's economic autonomy and economic independence threatens to turn to a very individual phenomenon of smuggling of cement to evaluate all of the cement imported from China.
he that, in fact, Vietnam concerned about their economic security, national feelings are understandable, but at present China's exports of cement has not got to the safety of the threat level of the local cement market, the more parties in such a way attempts to influence the sale of cement in Vietnam or Vietnam's cement export is completely irrational.
experts in this analysis ghd Precious, like the friction in the process of the emergence of trade, no doubt to the increasingly more frequent in the cement trade struck an alarm, if not pay attention in future , so that the friction into increasingly apparent contradictions or disputes between China and Vietnam is bound to the trade will cause unnecessary trouble. In the future, China and Vietnam also needs further communication in this regard, efforts to create a win-win situation for both parties .
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