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The results show that foreign direct investment on export trade development (especially high-tech processing trade and exports) and economic growth plays an important role in promoting the technology through the spillover effects of domestic companies (foreign companies through technology demonstration, industry association ghd straighteners, the competition effect and staff training) strong impetus to the domestic technological progress over the years China has also been guided by \effect was not significant in the area Cheapest GHD, often because of their low absorptive capacity GHD Purple straighteners,ghd sale such as local enterprise technology backwardness ghd mini straighteners, lack of R & D investment, slow the accumulation of human capital, investment and financing system is not perfect and so on. Therefore, starting from the increased absorptive capacity ghd straighteners cheap, such as: promoting the foreign-related industries, improve their human capital, investment and financing to improve efficiency of the financial system should be introduced into the Government to formulate policy, industrial policy is an important policy orientation. Chinese trading company china trading company, or need support.ghd straighteners or cheap ghd straighteners
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