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● leading foreign-invested enterprises in China's foreign trade is about 55%, 60% of the processing trade. Foreign-invested enterprises of processing trade to China through the \

● the use of cheap labor and other production factors engaged in processing trade, foreign investment enterprises to obtain the vast majority of the profits received only a small amount of processing fees.

● At present, many countries and regions have become the main export market, 5 years ago the United States identified the target of doubling exports, China's huge consumer market is undoubtedly an essential factor in achieving this goal.

multinational corporations in the world China has become the most important market, \The leading foreign-invested enterprises in China's foreign trade is about 55%, 60% of the processing trade. Foreign-invested enterprises of processing trade to China through the \

the 80's of last century, our country is reform and opening up, foreign exchange shortage of resources, exports mainly primary products, a large number of imported foreign advanced technology and equipment, except 1982 and 1983 there were 3.03 billion and 8.4 billion U.S. dollars of trade surplus, other years were deficit. Into the 90's, as foreign capital poured into the import and export trade of the main structure and a fundamental change, in addition to $ 12,220,000,000 in 1993, the deficit appears, the rest of the year are surplus.

the 21st century, as China's accession to the World Trade Organization, to further optimize the foreign trade environment, China is a \6 years for 20% of the growth rate, the trade surplus also expanded. Since May 2004 to February 2010, China's trade surplus in 70 consecutive months.

2009, China's monthly trade surplus continued to decline throughout the year to reduce the 102 billion U.S. dollars, only 196.1 billion U.S. dollars, down 34.2%. Continued to decline into 2010, the first 2 months of trade surplus of 21.8 billion U.S. dollars, down 50.4%.

foreign-invested enterprises is the main reason is also the main beneficiaries of the surplus

country with good investment environment, low labor costs and huge domestic market and become the ideal to undertake international industrial transfer, and becoming the first choice of foreign direct investment in developing countries.

reform and opening up in China set up 660,000 foreign invested enterprises, of which more than 30,000 US-funded enterprises. There are import and export performance of foreign-funded enterprises reached 65,000. Only for the period 2006-2009, foreign direct investment in China $ 320,200,000,000, of which 55.5% invested in manufacturing, China has become the multinational corporations in the global market of the most important \Foreign-invested enterprises led me around 55% of foreign trade, of which 60% or more for the processing trade. Foreign-invested enterprises of processing trade to China through the \

2009 foreign-invested enterprises in China under the processing trade surplus of up to 222.8 billion U.S. dollars, China's foreign trade was equivalent to 1.1 times the total surplus. In the first 2 months of processing trade enterprises with foreign investment under the trade surplus of 31.97 billion U.S. dollars, representing 1.5 times the size of China's trade surplus.

(a) expansion of foreign investment in exports and import substitution, is my main reason for the formation of trade surplus.

foreign-invested enterprises in China to create a strong manufacturing capacity, a large number of export has a comparative advantage in labor-intensive products and low-end high-tech products, so that the scale of China's exports continued to expand. 2009, exports of foreign-invested enterprises in China 672.ghd straighteners or cheap ghd straighteners23 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for 56% of total exports, compared to 2008, an increased proportion of 0.7 percentage points. Of which only U.S. companies to export more than 700 billion dollars,ghd sale most of the sold back to the United States.

a large number of exports, while foreign-invested enterprises in my products directly into China market, reducing the size of my imports from abroad, the formation of import substitution. The liquid crystal display panel as an example: 2009 Sharp, Samsung, CMO and other multinational companies in China to speed up the 8th generation of liquid crystal display panel production layout, when imports of liquid crystal display panels fell 20.7%, the goods deficit under net decrease of $ 5,950,000,000, import substitution effect is obvious. 2012 China's LCD panels do not need to import from abroad, to achieve complete substitution.

export expansion and import substitution, a direct result of large trade surplus. In 2009, foreign trade surplus of 127.02 billion U.S. dollars invested enterprises, accounting for 65% of the total surplus.

(b) of the processing trade enterprises with foreign investment leading countries and regions around the large trade surplus transferred to the country.

a long time, processing trade accounted for China's foreign trade of the \Because the presence of processing trade, China from Japan and South Korea and other neighboring countries and regions with a large number of processing and assembly of imported raw materials and parts, processed and exported as finished or semi-finished products to Europe and other countries and regions, resulting in the original are neighboring countries and regions in Europe and America The trade surplus \

from 2000 to 2009, Korea's trade surplus with the United States of its total trade with the U.S. rose from 20% to 12.9%, while the EU's total trade surplus of its EU the proportion is from 30% to 14.9%; year in Japan to Europe, the United States of its trade surplus with Europe, the U.S. share of total trade respectively from 25.6% and 32.8% down to 9.9% and 22.7%. As a result, I keep a large number of surplus U.S. and European markets, while the surrounding countries and regions to maintain substantial trade deficit. China 2009 trade surplus with the United States and the European Union were $ 144,360,000,000 and $ 108,460,000,000, of which the trade surplus under processing trade accounted for 81.5%, respectively, and 91.2%; while I was in Japan over the same period, South Korea's trade deficit was 330 .5 ghd hair straighteners sale,488 .7 billion.

from 2000 to 2008, the U.S. trade deficit in the share from Asia has remained at 55%, while the proportion of them from mainland China increased from 20% to 33%, also proved this kinds of trade balance transfer.

(c) of the foreign-invested enterprises are the biggest beneficiaries of the trade surplus.

use of cheap labor and other production factors engaged in processing trade, foreign investment enterprises to obtain the vast majority of the profits received only a small amount of processing fees.

2000 年 to 2009, China's exports of toys 5,000,000,000, of which 45% are exported to the United States. Barbie's most famous, each in the U.S. retail price is $ 9.9, our business has been only $ 0.35 processing fee Cheapest GHD, with the brand's U.S. companies have nearly $ 8 profit.

2000 年 to 2009, China's exports of computers 620 million units, of which nearly 30% of the exports to the United States. I'm the same period imports from the United States and other computer components Intel chip 5.6 billion. A field survey of Shanghai Customs show that China produced exports to the U.S. Hewlett-Packard notebook computers, the market price of about $ 1,000, of which U.S. companies in the sales cycle to profit $ 169.6, our enterprises have processing fees only 30.3 U.S. dollars, accounting for only 3% of the price.

growing financial crisis, China's imports during the important contribution to the world

(a) Since 2009, China's efforts to expand imports, the trade surplus continued to decline.

to actively cope with the international financial crisis, our government launched a security firm growth, a series of policy measures to expand domestic demand, not only promoted the growth of domestic investment and consumption, but also efforts to expand imports. Since June 2009, the volume of actual imports began to increase, the month rose 3.7% to the current increase of 11 consecutive months, the highest increase of 63.5 percent in January. November 2009 China's imports resumed their growth, 12 single month import value reached 112.3 billion U.S. dollars more a record high. In the year 2009, import prices decreased by 12.7% of the cases, the volume of imports increased by 1.7% contrarian.

trend growth in imports, China's trade surplus started to shrink, the annual trade surplus fell 34.2% in China since 2004, the first decline in annual trade surplus. Especially after October 2009 Black GHD, the scale of China's trade surplus decreased month by month.

(b) of the powerful driving force of China's foreign trade import export recovery in the world ghd RED IV styler, and enhance the confidence of the world economic stabilization and recovery.

Global Trade Information System data show that in 2009 China replaced Germany as the world's second largest importer. The year 2009, foreign trade data have been published in 71 major trading countries (regions), there are 59 countries (regions) of export dependence on the enhancement of China's market, with Germany and other 33 countries (regions) contrarian on China's export growth the United States, Japan and other 26 countries (regions) of China's exports fell much less than the overall decline in its exports. In 2009, the European Union, the United States and Japan, total exports decreased by 20.6%, 17.9% and 25.8%, but only on China's exports fell 1.5%, 0.2% and 12.3%, China's rapid decline in the inhibition of its export obvious, and the European Union, the United States and Japan, the three major economies, the dependence of our market were 7.4%, 6.6% and 18.9%, respectively, in 2008 a substantial increase 1.4,1.2 and 2.9 percentage points.

the same time, China's strong growth in imports, driven rebound in raw material prices, and enhance confidence in the global economy.

2009 年 3 months, is when the international price slump, China's import prices have begun to rebound, ring up 2.7%, followed by import price index for 12 consecutive monthly rise on a monthly basis. Same international commodity price index (CRB Index) from March 2009 to 200 points, all the way upward shock to early January 2010 rose to 293.8 points. Prices rebound, stabilize the international market continued to improve expectations, at a crucial stage of economic development has brought the world a valuable confidence. To producers to resume production of a strong signal to consumers dare to consumer confidence. World's major economies in Europe and America at the Purchasing Managers Index (PM I) in March last year when they only 30 more to return to 40 May to November, all restored to more than 50, in a production expansion. Consumer confidence index in April last year also began shocks higher.

changing patterns of development of efforts to gradually balance the import and export

(a) our government does not deliberately pursue trade surplus, the subjective and objective conditions to be prompted me to become a basic balance between import and export development.

the international community is generally believed that the trade balance and the current ratio of total trade within 10%, the foreign trade in the basic balance. 2006-2008, China's trade surplus was slightly over 10% of the \The international financial crisis, China's trade surplus in 2009 and the ratio of total trade has to converge to 8.9 percent, the first 2 months of this year, further reduced to 5.6 percent, the balanced development of foreign trade situation has been consolidated. At the same time, China's dependence on foreign trade has grown from 67% in 2006 significantly reduced to 45%, of which export dependence from 37.1% to 24.5%.

present, China is working to change the way of economic development, including trade growth pattern, is committed to the basic balance of foreign trade and does not intentionally pursue trade surplus.

from an export point of view, China's exports have resumed their growth continued after the expansion is very difficult. First, the international financial crisis has not been eliminated, the world economic recovery of the foundation is not solid, the developed countries, high unemployment, reduced purchasing power and changing consumer attitudes to consumer demand is difficult to quickly recover; Secondly, international trade protectionism is rampant spread of the row for 15 years of global anti-dumping investigations than any other country during the year there have been 20 countries (regions) of China launched 116 trade remedy investigations, involving up to 127 billion U.S. dollars; third, to return to high commodity prices China to improve standards and increase the wages of workers labor rights protection, and lead to increased costs of export products.

from imports, China's import growth will remain strong. First, with the transformation of economic development in China is accelerating the pace of domestic demand, especially consumer demand will replace the external demand as an important engine of economic growth, China's economic growth this year will be about 8% of the important resources of energy, basic materials and bulk consumer demand for imports of high technology products will continue the momentum of rapid growth; Second, the international market of crude oil, iron ore and other bulk products into the price recovery channel GHD Purple straighteners, in February this year, the price level of China's import of primary products have been present for 3 months 2 median prices, and increase monthly rise, the value will continue to promote the rapid increase in imports; third, promotion of foreign trade to achieve a basic balance between import and export of national policy, but also will increase the autonomy of imports and expand from the main surplus country's imports.

Therefore, China's \basically balanced.

(b) the development of China's foreign trade balance and stability, balanced economic growth for the world to provide protection.

30 years of reform and opening up, especially to join the World Trade Organization last 10 years, China's economy deeper into the global economy, becoming an important part of the world economy. As economic growth \

First, the foreign trade to ensure that the global division of labor to achieve through the optimal allocation of resource elements. As the world's largest developing country, China's human resources and capital in Europe and America and other developed countries of the advantages of full integration of technology to produce the minimum cost of labor and capital-intensive products to meet the survival and development of human society and material needs, to achieve the whole community to optimize use of resources. According to information released by the International Labour Organization estimated that China's manufacturing wage is only about 1/10-1/20 Europe and America and other developed countries, labor cost advantages are obvious, established on the basis of the \inexpensive goods, bringing benefits to consumers around the world, slow global inflation, increase global purchasing power. Morgan Stanley study showed that our products a year and saved American consumers spending 100 billion U.S. dollars, U.S. companies made products from China to get profits of nearly 60 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for Standard & Poor's index of listed companies covered by the annual more than 10% of total profits.

Second, the foreign trade to ensure that the interests of developed countries to maximize the realization of capital. China for many years to become the first choice for global capital investment or second choice, even if very weak in international investment in 2009, foreign capital into the mainland China or from the continuous rise since August, the year reached 90.03 billion U.S. dollars, second only to the United States . In the first 2 months, the newly established foreign-invested enterprises have 3163 invested 14.02 billion U.S. dollars of foreign capital, up respectively 14.6% and 4.9%. Return on investment of foreign capital in China, rich, foreign-invested enterprises in Shanghai hundred labor costs into profit of 240 yuan output, higher than the average level of 100 yuan; currently operating in China, American companies have more than 3 million, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce survey of member companies showed that 74% of 2008 member companies made a profit, total profit of 80 billion U.S. dollars. Foreign trade to achieve the maximization of this profit, while China received only from the low processing fees.

Third, the major countries of trade imports can help to achieve export targets, and promote their economic growth. At present, China has become in many countries and the region's major export markets in 2009 in the European Union, Japan, Canada and Australia, export markets have increased in the rankings, respectively, of Japan, and Australia's largest export market, the EU and Canada's first three major export market, continue to maintain the status of the U.S. third largest export market; In addition, in Brazil, China, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore and other countries in the ranking of export markets also have different levels of increase. 5 years ago the United States identified the target of doubling exports, China's huge consumer market is undoubtedly an essential factor in achieving this goal.

as the world's largest exporter, China's exports of other economies to meet the needs of investment and consumption; as the world's second largest importer, China's imports to meet other economies to increase exports to revive the economy needs. Basic balance the pursuit of foreign trade import and export strategies, and strong domestic demand, will promote strong growth of imports from the \(Director of Customs Sheng Guangzu)

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