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● leading foreign-invested enterprises in China's foreign trade is about 55%, 60% of the processing trade. Foreign-invested enterprises of processing trade to China through the \

● the use of cheap labor and other production factors engaged in processing trade, foreign investment enterprises to obtain the vast majority of the profits received only a small amount of processing fees.

● At present, many countries and regions have become the main export market, 5 years ago the United States identified the target of doubling exports, China's huge consumer market is undoubtedly an essential factor in achieving this goal.

multinational corporations in the world China has become the most important market, \The leading foreign-invested enterprises in China's foreign trade is about 55%, 60% of the processing trade. Foreign-invested enterprises of processing trade to China through the \

the 80's of last century, our country is reform and opening up, foreign exchange shortage of resources, exports mainly primary products, a large number of imported foreign advanced technology and equipment, except 1982 and 1983 there were 3.03 billion and 8.4 billion U.S. dollars of trade surplus, other years were deficit. Into the 90's, as foreign capital poured into the import and export trade of the main structure and a fundamental change, in addition to $ 12,220,000,000 in 1993, the deficit appears, the rest of the year are surplus.

the 21st century, as China's accession to the World Trade Organization, to further optimize the foreign trade environment, China is a \6 years for 20% of the growth rate, the trade surplus also expanded. Since May 2004 to February 2010, China's trade surplus in 70 consecutive months.

2009, China's monthly trade surplus continued to decline throughout the year to reduce the 102 billion U.S. dollars, only 196.1 billion U.S. dollars, down 34.2%. Continued to decline into 2010, the first 2 months of trade surplus of 21.8 billion U.S. dollars, down 50.4%.

foreign-invested enterprises is the main reason is also the main beneficiaries of the surplus

country with good investment environment, low labor costs and huge domestic market and become the ideal to undertake international industrial transfer, and becoming the first choice of foreign direct investment in developing countries.

reform and opening up in China set up 660,000 foreign invested enterprises, of which more than 30,000 US-funded enterprises. There are import and export performance of foreign-funded enterprises reached 65,000. Only for the period 2006-2009, foreign direct investment in China $ 320,200,000,000, of which 55.5% invested in manufacturing, China has become the multinational corporations in the global market of the most important \Foreign-invested enterprises led me around 55% of foreign trade, of which 60% or more for the processing trade. Foreign-invested enterprises of processing trade to China through the \

2009 foreign-invested enterprises in China under the processing trade surplus of up to 222.8 billion U.S. dollars, China's foreign trade was equivalent to 1.1 times the total surplus. In the first 2 months of processing trade enterprises with foreign investment under the trade surplus of 31.97 billion U.S. dollars, representing 1.5 times the size of China's trade surplus.

(a) expansion of foreign investment in exports and import substitution, is my main reason for the formation of trade surplus.

foreign-invested enterprises in China to create a strong manufacturing capacity, a large number of export has a comparative advantage in labor-intensive products and low-end high-tech products, so that the scale of China's exports continued to expand. 2009, exports of foreign-invested enterprises in China 672.ghd straighteners or cheap ghd straighteners23 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for 56% of total exports, compared to 2008, an increased proportion of 0.7 percentage points. Of which only U.S. companies to export more than 700 billion dollars,ghd sale most of the sold back to the United States.

a large number of exports, while foreign-invested enterprises in my products directly into China market, reducing the size of my imports from abroad, the formation of import substitution. The liquid crystal display panel as an example: 2009 Sharp, Samsung, CMO and other multinational companies in China to speed up the 8th generation of liquid crystal display panel production layout, when imports of liquid crystal display panels fell 20.7%, the goods deficit under net decrease of $ 5,950,000,000, import substitution effect is obvious. 2012 China's LCD panels do not need to import from abroad, to achieve complete substitution.

export expansion and import substitution, a direct result of large trade surplus. In 2009, foreign trade surplus of 127.02 billion U.S. dollars invested enterprises, accounting for 65% of the total surplus.

(b) of the processing trade enterprises with foreign investment leading countries and regions around the large trade surplus transferred to the country.

a long time, processing trade accounted for China's foreign trade of the \Because the presence of processing trade, China from Japan and South Korea and other neighboring countries and regions with a large number of processing and assembly of imported raw materials and parts, processed and exported as finished or semi-finished products to Europe and other countries and regions, resulting in the original are neighboring countries and regions in Europe and America The trade surplus \

from 2000 to 2009, Korea's trade surplus with the United States of its total trade with the U.S. rose from 20% to 12.9%, while the EU's total trade surplus of its EU the proportion is from 30% to 14.9%; year in Japan to Europe, the United States of its trade surplus with Europe, the U.S. share of total trade respectively from 25.6% and 32.8% down to 9.9% and 22.7%. As a result, I keep a large number of surplus U.S. and European markets, while the surrounding countries and regions to maintain substantial trade deficit. China 2009 trade surplus with the United States and the European Union were $ 144,360,000,000 and $ 108,460,000,000, of which the trade surplus under processing trade accounted for 81.5%, respectively, and 91.2%; while I was in Japan over the same period, South Korea's trade deficit was 330 .5 ghd hair straighteners sale,488 .7 billion.

from 2000 to 2008, the U.S. trade deficit in the share from Asia has remained at 55%, while the proportion of them from mainland China increased from 20% to 33%, also proved this kinds of trade balance transfer.

(c) of the foreign-invested enterprises are the biggest beneficiaries of the trade surplus.

use of cheap labor and other production factors engaged in processing trade, foreign investment enterprises to obtain the vast majority of the profits received only a small amount of processing fees.

2000 年 to 2009, China's exports of toys 5,000,000,000, of which 45% are exported to the United States. Barbie's most famous, each in the U.S. retail price is $ 9.9, our business has been only $ 0.35 processing fee Cheapest GHD, with the brand's U.S. companies have nearly $ 8 profit.

2000 年 to 2009, China's exports of computers 620 million units, of which nearly 30% of the exports to the United States. I'm the same period imports from the United States and other computer components Intel chip 5.6 billion. A field survey of Shanghai Customs show that China produced exports to the U.S. Hewlett-Packard notebook computers, the market price of about $ 1,000, of which U.S. companies in the sales cycle to profit $ 169.6, our enterprises have processing fees only 30.3 U.S. dollars, accounting for only 3% of the price.

growing financial crisis, China's imports during the important contribution to the world

(a) Since 2009, China's efforts to expand imports, the trade surplus continued to decline.

to actively cope with the international financial crisis, our government launched a security firm growth, a series of policy measures to expand domestic demand, not only promoted the growth of domestic investment and consumption, but also efforts to expand imports. Since June 2009, the volume of actual imports began to increase, the month rose 3.7% to the current increase of 11 consecutive months, the highest increase of 63.5 percent in January. November 2009 China's imports resumed their growth, 12 single month import value reached 112.3 billion U.S. dollars more a record high. In the year 2009, import prices decreased by 12.7% of the cases, the volume of imports increased by 1.7% contrarian.

trend growth in imports, China's trade surplus started to shrink, the annual trade surplus fell 34.2% in China since 2004, the first decline in annual trade surplus. Especially after October 2009 Black GHD, the scale of China's trade surplus decreased month by month.

(b) of the powerful driving force of China's foreign trade import export recovery in the world ghd RED IV styler, and enhance the confidence of the world economic stabilization and recovery.

Global Trade Information System data show that in 2009 China replaced Germany as the world's second largest importer. The year 2009, foreign trade data have been published in 71 major trading countries (regions), there are 59 countries (regions) of export dependence on the enhancement of China's market, with Germany and other 33 countries (regions) contrarian on China's export growth the United States, Japan and other 26 countries (regions) of China's exports fell much less than the overall decline in its exports. In 2009, the European Union, the United States and Japan, total exports decreased by 20.6%, 17.9% and 25.8%, but only on China's exports fell 1.5%, 0.2% and 12.3%, China's rapid decline in the inhibition of its export obvious, and the European Union, the United States and Japan, the three major economies, the dependence of our market were 7.4%, 6.6% and 18.9%, respectively, in 2008 a substantial increase 1.4,1.2 and 2.9 percentage points.

the same time, China's strong growth in imports, driven rebound in raw material prices, and enhance confidence in the global economy.

2009 年 3 months, is when the international price slump, China's import prices have begun to rebound, ring up 2.7%, followed by import price index for 12 consecutive monthly rise on a monthly basis. Same international commodity price index (CRB Index) from March 2009 to 200 points, all the way upward shock to early January 2010 rose to 293.8 points. Prices rebound, stabilize the international market continued to improve expectations, at a crucial stage of economic development has brought the world a valuable confidence. To producers to resume production of a strong signal to consumers dare to consumer confidence. World's major economies in Europe and America at the Purchasing Managers Index (PM I) in March last year when they only 30 more to return to 40 May to November, all restored to more than 50, in a production expansion. Consumer confidence index in April last year also began shocks higher.

changing patterns of development of efforts to gradually balance the import and export

(a) our government does not deliberately pursue trade surplus, the subjective and objective conditions to be prompted me to become a basic balance between import and export development.

the international community is generally believed that the trade balance and the current ratio of total trade within 10%, the foreign trade in the basic balance. 2006-2008, China's trade surplus was slightly over 10% of the \The international financial crisis, China's trade surplus in 2009 and the ratio of total trade has to converge to 8.9 percent, the first 2 months of this year, further reduced to 5.6 percent, the balanced development of foreign trade situation has been consolidated. At the same time, China's dependence on foreign trade has grown from 67% in 2006 significantly reduced to 45%, of which export dependence from 37.1% to 24.5%.

present, China is working to change the way of economic development, including trade growth pattern, is committed to the basic balance of foreign trade and does not intentionally pursue trade surplus.

from an export point of view, China's exports have resumed their growth continued after the expansion is very difficult. First, the international financial crisis has not been eliminated, the world economic recovery of the foundation is not solid, the developed countries, high unemployment, reduced purchasing power and changing consumer attitudes to consumer demand is difficult to quickly recover; Secondly, international trade protectionism is rampant spread of the row for 15 years of global anti-dumping investigations than any other country during the year there have been 20 countries (regions) of China launched 116 trade remedy investigations, involving up to 127 billion U.S. dollars; third, to return to high commodity prices China to improve standards and increase the wages of workers labor rights protection, and lead to increased costs of export products.

from imports, China's import growth will remain strong. First, with the transformation of economic development in China is accelerating the pace of domestic demand, especially consumer demand will replace the external demand as an important engine of economic growth, China's economic growth this year will be about 8% of the important resources of energy, basic materials and bulk consumer demand for imports of high technology products will continue the momentum of rapid growth; Second, the international market of crude oil, iron ore and other bulk products into the price recovery channel GHD Purple straighteners, in February this year, the price level of China's import of primary products have been present for 3 months 2 median prices, and increase monthly rise, the value will continue to promote the rapid increase in imports; third, promotion of foreign trade to achieve a basic balance between import and export of national policy, but also will increase the autonomy of imports and expand from the main surplus country's imports.

Therefore, China's \basically balanced.

(b) the development of China's foreign trade balance and stability, balanced economic growth for the world to provide protection.

30 years of reform and opening up, especially to join the World Trade Organization last 10 years, China's economy deeper into the global economy, becoming an important part of the world economy. As economic growth \

First, the foreign trade to ensure that the global division of labor to achieve through the optimal allocation of resource elements. As the world's largest developing country, China's human resources and capital in Europe and America and other developed countries of the advantages of full integration of technology to produce the minimum cost of labor and capital-intensive products to meet the survival and development of human society and material needs, to achieve the whole community to optimize use of resources. According to information released by the International Labour Organization estimated that China's manufacturing wage is only about 1/10-1/20 Europe and America and other developed countries, labor cost advantages are obvious, established on the basis of the \inexpensive goods, bringing benefits to consumers around the world, slow global inflation, increase global purchasing power. Morgan Stanley study showed that our products a year and saved American consumers spending 100 billion U.S. dollars, U.S. companies made products from China to get profits of nearly 60 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for Standard & Poor's index of listed companies covered by the annual more than 10% of total profits.

Second, the foreign trade to ensure that the interests of developed countries to maximize the realization of capital. China for many years to become the first choice for global capital investment or second choice, even if very weak in international investment in 2009, foreign capital into the mainland China or from the continuous rise since August, the year reached 90.03 billion U.S. dollars, second only to the United States . In the first 2 months, the newly established foreign-invested enterprises have 3163 invested 14.02 billion U.S. dollars of foreign capital, up respectively 14.6% and 4.9%. Return on investment of foreign capital in China, rich, foreign-invested enterprises in Shanghai hundred labor costs into profit of 240 yuan output, higher than the average level of 100 yuan; currently operating in China, American companies have more than 3 million, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce survey of member companies showed that 74% of 2008 member companies made a profit, total profit of 80 billion U.S. dollars. Foreign trade to achieve the maximization of this profit, while China received only from the low processing fees.

Third, the major countries of trade imports can help to achieve export targets, and promote their economic growth. At present, China has become in many countries and the region's major export markets in 2009 in the European Union, Japan, Canada and Australia, export markets have increased in the rankings, respectively, of Japan, and Australia's largest export market, the EU and Canada's first three major export market, continue to maintain the status of the U.S. third largest export market; In addition, in Brazil, China, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore and other countries in the ranking of export markets also have different levels of increase. 5 years ago the United States identified the target of doubling exports, China's huge consumer market is undoubtedly an essential factor in achieving this goal.

as the world's largest exporter, China's exports of other economies to meet the needs of investment and consumption; as the world's second largest importer, China's imports to meet other economies to increase exports to revive the economy needs. Basic balance the pursuit of foreign trade import and export strategies, and strong domestic demand, will promote strong growth of imports from the \(Director of Customs Sheng Guangzu)

The results show that foreign direct investment on export trade development (especially high-tech processing trade and exports) and economic growth plays an important role in promoting the technology through the spillover effects of domestic companies (foreign companies through technology demonstration, industry association ghd straighteners, the competition effect and staff training) strong impetus to the domestic technological progress over the years China has also been guided by \effect was not significant in the area Cheapest GHD, often because of their low absorptive capacity GHD Purple straighteners,ghd sale such as local enterprise technology backwardness ghd mini straighteners, lack of R & D investment, slow the accumulation of human capital, investment and financing system is not perfect and so on. Therefore, starting from the increased absorptive capacity ghd straighteners cheap, such as: promoting the foreign-related industries, improve their human capital, investment and financing to improve efficiency of the financial system should be introduced into the Government to formulate policy, industrial policy is an important policy orientation. Chinese trading company china trading company, or need support.ghd straighteners or cheap ghd straighteners
First, Kazakhstan's external trade situation
2008, the Kazakh foreign trade has achieved rapid growth in the first 6 years, foreign trade $ 109,072,600,000, an increase of 35.5%. Which export $ 71,183,600,000, an increase of 49.1%; imported $ 37,889,000,000 , an increase of 15.7%.'s foreign trade surplus of $ 33,294,600,000, compared with 2007 ($ 14,998,900 Cheapest GHD,000) increased by 120%.
(a) of the export commodity structure and main features of
1, exports of goods type, amount and proportion
export trade $ 71,183,600,000, an increase of 49.1%. including:
oil and gas and other mineral exports 51.987 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for 73% of total exports (2007 to 69.7%);
non- Precious metals and their products exports about 10.811 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for 15.2% (2007 17.1%);
exports of food and food ingredients $ 2,981,000,000, accounting for 4.2% (2007 to 4%);
chemical products, plastics and rubber exports 2.472 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for 3.5% (2007 to 4%);
machinery, equipment, vehicles, instruments exports 1.284 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for 1.8%.
2008 年Ha main export commodity groups, the amount and type of accounting

Amount (million U.S. dollars)
oil and gas and other minerals
( Category 5)
Mineral fuels, mineral oils and their distillation; bituminous substances; mineral wax
(coal, crude oil, condensate, natural gas, gasoline, diesel, heavy oil, etc.)
489.ghd straighteners or cheap ghd straighteners11
ores, slag and ash
salt, sulfur; soil and stone; lime and cement
519.87 < br> 73
non-precious metals and their products
(15 classes)
steel and steel products
copper and its products
Zinc and its products
aluminum and its products
steel products
other non-precious metal ghd hair straighteners sale, metal-ceramic and its products
Lead and articles thereof
food and food ingredients

vegetables, roots and tubers
food industry residues and wastes; prepared feed
fruit and nuts; melon and other fruit peel
tobacco and its Substitutes
chemicals, plastics and rubber
(s 6,7 class)
inorganic chemicals; precious metals and their compounds
plastic and its products
machinery, equipment, vehicles, equipment and instrumentation
(16,17, 18 classes)
aircraft, spacecraft and parts thereof
boilers, machinery appliances and parts
motors, electrical, audio-visual equipment and its parts Annex
vehicles and their spare parts, but other than railway vehicles
Railway vehicles; track devices; signal equipment
0.1 < br> Total
Note: 1 Source for Kazakhstan customs; 2, the table is the relatively large amount of goods, while the total figure for all types of the sum of all goods (part of the relatively small amount of goods or accounts are not listed); 3, the table \Analysis of oil 60.71 million tons / 43.508 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for 61.1% of total exports, calculated by the amount of 54.7% over the previous year GHD Pink hair straighteners, by volume over the previous year (60.8 million tons / 28.13 billion U.S. dollars) decreased by 0.14%. the main export destination : Switzerland, Italy, France, China, Iran, the Netherlands.
natural gas 17.4 billion cubic meters, up 14.5% over the previous year; exports 1.074 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for 1.5% of total exports, an increase of 65.7%. main export destination countries: Ukraine, Poland, Russia Turkey, Hungary.
coal 32.96 million tons, an increase of 26.6%; exports 842 million, accounting for 1.2% of total exports, an increase of 61.3%. the main export destination countries: Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan.
ferroalloy 1.247 million tons, a decrease of 4.8%; exports of $ 2,960,000,000, an increase of 108.4%, accounting for 4.2% of total exports. the main export destination countries: Norway , Japan, China, South Korea, Russia.
refined 355,000 tons of copper and copper alloy, a decrease of 2.5%; exports 2.502 billion U.S. dollars, a slight decrease of 0.7% over the previous year, accounting for 3.5% of total exports. major export destination countries: Britain, China, Italy.
wheat, 4.95 million tons,ghd sale a decrease of 20%; exports of $ 1,459,000,000, an increase of 24.7%, accounting for 2% of total exports. the main export destination: Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Iran, Tajikistan Kiss GHD straighteners, Uzbekistan and other countries.
uranium and its compounds, 13,300 tons, an increase of 99.1% (2007 to 6680 tons); exports the amount of $ 1,303,000,000 ghd mini straighteners, an increase of 51.9% (2007 8.58 million), accounting for 1.83% of total exports. the main export destination countries: Russia, the United States, France, China, Canada.
alumina and hydroxide 140 million tons of aluminum, a decrease of 6%; exports 497 million, a decrease of 5.2%, 0.7% of total exports. the main export destination countries: Russia, Tajikistan.
2, Main Features: < br> (1) raw material export-oriented economic structure has not changed. in Kazakhstan export goods, mineral products still occupy an important position, accounting for 73% of exports, is the main source of export earnings and Kazakhstan, where oil accounted for up to 61.1%. Non- Precious metals and their products in a large proportion of steel, copper and copper products, accounting for 8.8%, respectively, and 4.1%. Kazakh grain exports accounted for 2.3%, chemical products accounted for 3.2%. Comparison of other export commodities accounted for small.
(2) Although the second half of 2008 by the international financial crisis, but the whole situation, the export trade and oil and gas export revenues remained a big increase to the end of the second half of .2008, the International sharp drop in oil demand in the market, oil prices fall, a marked decline in Kazakh oil export revenues, the overall growth rate of exports declined. especially the fourth quarter, oil prices dropped close to 40 dollars per barrel, its oil exports, decreased by 32 % of total export volume, decreased by about 28%. However, due to the accumulation of the first half of the export trade and export earnings increment larger decline in the fourth quarter offset part of the overall substantial growth of oil exports. plus other commodities such as coal, ferroalloy export growth to varying degrees, so from the whole situation, the Kazakhstan export volume increased by 49.1%. but Kazakhstan is expected to export trade situation in 2009 is not optimistic.
(3) the international market increased demand in 2008, Kazakhstan's exports of uranium and its compounds doubled.
(4) benefit from the international market of grain, coal, ferroalloy prices, Kazakhstan wheat exports in 2008, although reduced by 20%, but exports grew by 24.7%; coal exports rose to 61.3%; ferroalloy exports doubled.
On foreign direct investment of Chinese enterprises
[Abstract] of economic globalization, knowledge economy, network economy, and China has become the environment of WTO member countries, how to accelerate the implementation of \shortage of resources conflicts, promote industrial restructuring, increase exports, enhance the international competitiveness of China's enterprises are facing a new topic. In summing up our corporate status of foreign direct investment and benefits, based on the general analysis of foreign direct investment of Chinese enterprises and the characteristics and effectiveness of the investment to accelerate growth, effectively promoted the development of national economy; analysis of the current foreign direct investment of Chinese enterprises the problems that the irrational investment structure, investment and a lack of talent pool hindered foreign investment enterprises pace; and proposed role into full play the national macro, good choice of business strategy, human resources and vigorously develop the appropriate development of cross-border measures.
Contents Introduction ... 1
First, the Chinese Foreign Direct Investment and Development of Advantages of ... 1
(a) Foreign Direct Investment in China The Development of ... 1
(b) foreign direct investment of Chinese enterprises the advantage of ... 2
Second, foreign direct investment of Chinese enterprises and the characteristics of effectiveness of the ... 3
(a) presents the current characteristics of China's foreign investment and trends ... 3
(b) Foreign direct investment in China's enterprises to develop the effectiveness of ... 4
Third, there is in China's foreign direct investment issues ... 6
(a) lack of efficient macro-management and coordination of a unified body ... 6
(b) of the Chinese enterprises to foreign investment structure is not reasonable ... 7
(c) small-scale overseas investment of Chinese enterprises, private Foreign Direct Investment many difficulties ... ... ... ... 7
(d) lack of talent pool of \strategy suggestions and strategies ... 9
(a) establish a modern enterprise system, adjusting the organizational structure, strengthen macro-management ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 9
(b) optimizing the industrial structure and regional distribution, and further expand investment the market ... 10
(c) improve the private enterprises \13
Conclusion ... 15
Acknowledgements 16
Reference 17
introduction of foreign direct investment is China's \the challenges of globalization, active participation in the international division of labor, the use of two resources and two markets good, avoid foreign trade barriers, absorption of foreign advanced technology and management experience and external information to grasp the positive initiatives. Admittedly, there are also foreign direct investment great risk and pay attention to the problem, the risks of overseas investment of Chinese enterprises also can not be ignored. The following foreign direct investment in China will conduct a more in-depth systematic study of theory and practice to enhance the development of Chinese enterprises to further the guidance of foreign direct investment .
First, foreign direct investment of Chinese enterprises and advantages of the development status of
(a) Foreign Direct Investment in China The Development of
past two decades, due to government support and the efforts of enterprises, China Foreign direct investment continued to grow .2001,2002 very small annual investment, in the infancy period. By 2003, just two years, the actual foreign investment in China doubled in recent times than before, the development by leaps and bounds . According to Commerce Department statistics, the end of 2003, China's foreign direct investment enterprises amounted to 7470, 11.4 billion U.S. dollars investment destination as many as 167 countries and regions.
2004 China's foreign direct investment 5.53 billion U.S. dollars, up growth of 93%, accounting for 0.9% of total global flows .2005, China's foreign direct investment 11.305 billion U.S. dollars.
Table 1:2004-2006 foreign investment enterprises in China and growth in the proportion of stock
2004 年2005 2006
stock (billion dollars)
on investment (million U.S. dollars)
increase the proportion of
2006, China's foreign direct investment 18.5 billion U.S. dollars, up 58%. which non-financial sector net outflow of foreign investment 15.4 billion U.S. dollars, global ranking from 17th in 2005 rose to 13. the financial sector a net outflow of foreign investment 2.4 billion. China's foreign direct investment, mainly in greenfield investment, both foreign mergers and acquisitions. the end of 2006, China's accumulated foreign direct investment $ 73,330,000,000. in 2006 \25 largest multinational companies in China and Hong Kong companies have occupied 10.
(b) foreign direct investment of Chinese enterprises the advantages of
enterprises should make full use of the host country resources, technology, capital, preferential policy, comparative advantage, access to benefits. enterprises sufficient condition for foreign direct investment: businesses must have a competitive advantage, with local businesses to offset the negative factors in the competition; the existence of incomplete markets, to enable enterprises to own and maintain these advantages, it Foreign direct investment enterprise basis.
1, China's large and medium companies have ownership advantages and internalization advantages
reform and opening up, China has formed a number of competitive medium and large multinational corporations, which have strong financial and technical strength, the introduction of foreign advanced management concept, significant in international competition with ownership advantages and internalization advantages, such as China International Trust and Investment Corporation, Sinopec, Haier Group and the Capital Iron and Steel Corporation, and other, the competition in overseas markets more favorable position. British expert on the famous transnational corporations John / Professor Deng Ning, made the famous \to have met the conditions for foreign direct investment. Professor Deng Ning eclectic theory of international production overseas investment of Chinese enterprises with a certain reference.
2, China's small enterprises in developing countries are also welcome to have a comparative advantage
the inflow of foreign capital, but to provide the investment environment is not perfect, the small scope of the market, from the limited objective of the international large-scale entry of multinational companies. Our small business is still in the small-scale phase, to avoid competition with large multinational companies suitable for the needs of the investment environment in developing countries. In addition, the cost of sending its staff to multinational corporations in China and export of spare parts are relatively cheap, the Chinese overseas processing of products to foreign markets at low prices occupation. multinationals have a competitive advantage in developing countries is not absolute advantage, but a comparative advantage. The \have a competitive advantage in developing markets; the other hand, compared to less developed countries, local enterprises, multinational companies in many developing countries but also has the advanced production technology, which has a competitive advantage. the development of China's enterprises with foreign direct investment is this comparative advantage.
3, China with independent intellectual property rights of technology and products developed
the formation of our long tradition of certain proprietary technology and sophisticated techniques, such as traditional Chinese medicine, qigong, gardening, cooking, biological engineering and aerospace technology, than most developing countries have a clear competitive advantage, foreign direct investment in China can show their skills in one.
4, China's special products and special product-specific channels
China, Traditional Chinese such as Chinese cuisine and has distinct characteristics, for a particular favorite of consumers. Although the Chinese living from home, but have the same cultural and linguistic backgrounds, easy to communicate with each other. rely on this unique Chinese channels concentrated areas in the diaspora Direct investment in factories, production of special products, the development of China's foreign direct investment multinational companies a unique advantage. Fujian Province is a famous hometown of overseas, the vast majority of overseas enterprises in Fujian set up by overseas Chinese matchmaking.
II China's foreign direct investment enterprise characteristics and effectiveness of
(a) presents the current characteristics of China's foreign investment and trends
1, the investment industry and the field was expanded from the investment industry trends
distribution, China's foreign Direct investment from the general export trade, restaurants and simple processing extend to marketing network, shipping logistics, resource development, manufacturing and design research and development and other fields, in the mining, business services and manufacturing industries are concentrated in direct investment, in 2006 these accounted for all investments in the sectors of foreign direct investment in non-financial sector 59%, 24% and 6%.
2, diversified investment market in 2004
country distribution of foreign enterprises, Hong Kong, the United States, Russia, Japan, Germany, Australia, the highest level of aggregation, concentration of 43% of foreign enterprises; of which 17% of Hong Kong, China's foreign direct investment in .2006 area for further expansion. One of the direct investment in Latin America, 7.8 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for China's foreign direct investment 六成, for 3.9 billion investment in the Asian region, accounting for 30.1% of total investment, followed by Europe and Africa, were 6.2 billion U.S. dollars and 368 million, accounting for 4.8% and 2.8%.
3, investment in new enterprises, mainly involved in mergers and acquisitions began to approach other international popular cross-border mergers and acquisitions
foreign direct investment in China has become an important way to .2005 foreign direct investment flows in China the first time exceeded 100 billion U.S. dollars, including through acquisitions, mergers implementation of direct investment flows account for half of the year. In 2005 also some overseas media as \has attracted a large acquisition .2006 extensive attention to mergers and acquisitions to achieve 4.74 billion U.S. dollars of foreign direct investment, the total foreign direct investment accounted for 37%.
2006 年 7 months, the China National Petroleum Corporation, through its wholly-owned subsidiary of CNPC and the Kazakh national oil company signed a settlement agreement the transfer of shares, sell the oil to the latter holds 33% stake in Kazakhstan oil companies PK. Earlier, the 4.18 billion U.S. dollars of oil announced the acquisition of PK in Kazakhstan oil companies, completed a Chinese company to date the largest overseas acquisition. Up to now, China's overseas investment in oil and gas group, currently a total of nearly 60 billion yuan.
4, private enterprise has become the subject of foreign direct investment in private enterprises accounted for
One of China's foreign direct investment into. However, the success rate of private enterprises is much higher than the state-owned enterprises. because there is so far the owner of state-owned enterprises and other issues of virtual spaces, despite the government's operations will be some large state enterprises under the direct out investment, but the internal drive real business is not particularly strong, relatively passive. The active behavior is completely private enterprise, high-yield and crisis driven them out of the country. developed areas in the coastal and the Mainland, there are thousands of private enterprise to obtain import and export right backward in the international market. such as universal, Lifan, new hope, Chint and other companies actively into the international market. Fudan University School of Management International Business Management Department, said Professor Xue Qiuzhi the next five years, Foreign direct investment in China will be the subject of private enterprises.
(b) Foreign direct investment in China's enterprises to develop the effectiveness of
for China enterprises, foreign direct investment have the following meanings: 20 years of practice show China's foreign investment, in many respects effectively promoted the development of national economy.
1. and stable access to scarce natural resources, economic development
more and more of the natural resource constraints. the development of overseas resources investment projects , development of the domestic shortage of oil, natural gas, forest, wood processing, paper, mining, marine fisheries and other natural resource development industry, to meet the needs of domestic economic development. eighties, China Steel Corporation established a wholly owned in Australia subsidiary - China Metallurgical Australia Pty Ltd, later renamed the China Steel Australia Limited. Then, with the Australian Steel Australia Ltd Hamersley iron ore joint venture set up by contract, just that iron ore joint venture, the Chinese side holds 40% of the shares. nineties, just that iron ore into production. to the end of 2005, have been produced over 130 million tons of iron ore, all sold by the China Steel Corporation to increase the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises. past ten years, resources development projects have become one of China's foreign direct investment focus in the future should remain the focus of China's foreign direct investment.
2. to obtain foreign advanced technology
key science and technology in China lags behind developed countries, had hoped that through the introduction of foreign direct investment to the introduction of foreign advanced technology, the results have little effect. However, if the master through the acquisition of advanced technology enterprises in developed countries, access to advanced technology can be .2005, Nanjing Automobile Corporation in 5300 million pounds to buy the British Rover car company, access to the complete research and development equipment, four vehicle production platforms, three series engine, MG (mg) and Austin (austin) two famous brands. Nanjing Motor Company in Nanjing and the establishment of two Birmingham MG car production base production car.
break trade barriers to expand the overseas market is a big trading country, the future role of exports on economic growth will continue to increase large, foreign investment should be chosen to lead their own equipment, semi-finished products export country, and bypass the barriers and reduce trade friction. If the implementation of local production and local sales ghd hair straighteners sale, you can break through this non-tariff barriers. Haier Company in April 1999 in the United States South Carolina established the United States, Haier Industrial Park, the park covers an area of 700 acres, with an annual output capacity of 50 million units of home appliances .2000, the Park was officially put into operation, through high-quality and personalized design gradually open the U.S. market, 180 liter refrigerator In the U.S. market share of over 50%. through direct investment, Haier achieved a \The United Nations report found that more and more trade barriers is to promote the developing countries including China, \blocked, through foreign direct investment to circumvent the rapid increase in the case of trade barriers.
integrated enterprise to improve efficiency when the company's products with strong competitiveness, but the product system failure or incomplete marketing system, you can mergers and acquisitions, companies from developed countries to improve their production system or marketing system, resulting in an integrated advantage. Lenovo in December 2004 to 1.25 billion acquisition of IBM's personal computer business. Lenovo and IBM's PC has a strong complementary business, and Lenovo's strong in personal computers, the use of Lenovo PCs production and sales expertise to develop an integrated IBMPC will have advantage. Just over half a year, Lenovo will not be favored by the acquisition, loss of the original IBM personal computer business with the profits of industrial structure. follow the \countries to regain development advantages; the same time, based on long-term investment to the developed countries, learning, the introduction of advanced technology, a breakthrough funding constraints and market, develop high-tech industries, promote the optimization of economic structure.
Third, China's foreign direct Investment in the problems in the overseas investment of Chinese enterprises
the risk of the same can not be ignored. some corporate acquisitions so that they face greater operational risk, financial risk also increases. Many developed and developing countries have emerged signs of protectionism, particularly in relation to the discussion of cross-border mergers and acquisitions is very intense, like the CNOOC bid for Unocal is a typical example. to India along with developing countries, especially China's investment in \on June 18 reported that the Indian government is drafting a new foreign direct investment policies and programs, will require special approval of China's capital affix the label, which means that Chinese companies will invest in India will be more limited .
(a) lack of efficient macro-management and coordination of a unified body
1, foreign direct investment in low efficiency. in the industrial layout, foreign investment and insufficient coordination of the domestic industrial restructuring, resulting in some areas, a foreign investment herd these industries, Chinese enterprises are too concentrated, highly self competition, affecting the macro-economic benefits of foreign investment to play. Some enterprises lack of feasibility studies for investment projects, investment decision-making blind; \The more concentrated location.
2, multinational business information flow problems. As the business environment very different abroad, enterprises and lack of management experience in overseas branches, coupled with the lack of production technology, core competencies, resulting in poor management of certain foreign enterprises some loss of state assets.
3 ghd straighteners, the lack of international practice and understanding of laws and regulations of international investment for many companies, \successfully develop foreign markets and participate in international competition.
(b) the structure of Chinese enterprises to invest abroad is not quite reasonable
First, the structure of the geographical distribution of foreign investment, although China's foreign investments are found in more than 160 countries and regions in the world , but most concentrated in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Europe and other developed countries and regions, which account for three-quarters of China's total foreign investment, while investment in developing countries was less than normal. This development of the developing countries of market and achieve market diversification is extremely unfavorable.
Second, irrational industrial structure, industrial base, poor, weak manufacturing sector. In the industrial structure of foreign investment, China's foreign investment concentrated too much on primary products and transport, construction, oil , steel and other labor-intensive industrial investment, the relative neglect of investment in high-tech industries; emphasis on consumer goods, investment, neglect of investment in production; a result, foreign investment and domestic manufacturing enterprises out of stock and split, resulting in increased risk of foreign investment, the overall economy low efficiency. In addition, for the financial, telecommunications and other service industries, on the one hand, as in the international market with high barriers to entry, on the other hand the intensity of competition is really hard to imagine, although the Chinese enterprises in the country has a certain capital but still do not have the ability to resist risks.
(c) small-scale foreign investment, the lack of core competitiveness, foreign direct investment in private enterprises many difficulties
First, the enterprises in the international market based or rely on the magic core competitiveness. \Chinese enterprises is still a \; Global 500 \, its direct result, the majority of China's foreign direct investment for the processing trade, and products are mostly into the low-end market.
Secondly, the Chinese company's strength in the international market, with the huge gap between the developed countries, the overall size is still relatively small, below the world average. According to Commerce Department statistics show that in 2004 the world's major developed countries, foreign direct investment in the first place is still the highest in the United States, reaching more than 1,500 billion dollars, far beyond France about twice the second place more, while only 5.5 billion dollars in China, the United States, 1 / 27, the equivalent of global foreign direct investment of 0.9%. China's foreign investment has indeed been considerable development, but lags far behind developed countries. At the international on developed countries to attract foreign investment and foreign investment is generally the ratio of between 1:1.2 to 1:1.4; and developing countries, this ratio generally is between 1:0.2 to 1:0.43. even this level are Chinese not reached, it is also far from being a large country of foreign investment.
from the stock of foreign direct investment, as the stock of the United States in 2004 was 2.069 trillion U.S. dollars, the United Kingdom $ 1,128,600,000,000, to 622.5 billion U.S. dollars in Germany, Japan, Canada 3 Pure Black GHD straighteners,000 billion, and China 44.8 billion. According to statistics, the average non-financial overseas investment enterprises amounted to $ 1,330,000, while the world average for developing countries is 450 million. On the other hand, China's foreign direct investment the total scale and the disproportionate size of the overall national economy, in 2003 the total global foreign direct investment is estimated at 653 billion U.S. dollars, while the overseas investment of Chinese enterprises accounted for the total global foreign direct investment, 1.75%, China's foreign direct investment is appears to be negligible.
China's foreign direct investment in terms of investment or the stock of the year, both can not be compared to developed countries. reflects China's overall economic strength is still far from strong, long way to go catch up with developed countries.
third , although private enterprise is more than the state-owned enterprises have the advantage of cross-border investment, but private enterprises in foreign direct investment Shique face many difficulties. private enterprises in foreign direct investment project approval, the amount of investment approval, foreign exchange management and other key areas are in disadvantages, but also the right to import and export controls by the relevant departments. lack of funds to support private enterprises, it is difficult to obtain Export-Import Bank loans, foreign investment capital of a country mainly from the Export-Import Bank of the country, while China Import and Export Bank loans are mainly for state-owned enterprises to develop overseas investment projects to support. funding remains a \small private enterprises can be a little wrong beating the big Western multinationals.
(d) lack of talent pool of \international market, the strength of the competitiveness of an enterprise, the key depends on the quality and talent level to play. The widespread lack of familiarity of corporate law, good business, understand the management, the compound will be foreign language talents, some faint sense of corporate law , the local laws and regulations do not know, disputes are often helpless to respond to emergencies or major events is very passive. enterprises to adapt to international market competition, lack of required human resource management mechanism, and many enterprises have not established a modern human capital concepts, understanding of human resource management is still at the level of personnel management system, not adapt to today's international market competition. such as the acquisition of Germany's Schneider TCL Corporation, is the absence of management personnel to operational problems arise, thereby constraining China's foreign direct investment enterprises.
Fourth, the Chinese enterprises to truly implement the \> 1, the clear purpose of foreign direct investment, improve the effectiveness of foreign direct investment from China's national conditions of
present, foreign investment does not require everywhere, go hand in hand, and should be selectively targeted to foreign development to China said that foreign direct investment has three main purposes, first, access to scarce resources, and second, access to key technologies and the third is to enter a variety of barriers to foreign markets. functional departments and relevant departments should actively guide the industry to promote and support the country class enterprise with the international market situation and the actual study and formulate foreign investment in enterprises in China to focus on country strategies, to establish the industry to shift the focus to overseas areas and target markets, serious business organizations to developing countries interested in sexual conduct field study, carried out market research and project negotiations, searching for their own development of products and markets. national levels of government and relevant departments should improve their work style, improve service quality, to simplify the approval procedures, reduce administrative links, and create a good atmosphere and conditions to support enterprises to \institutions to focus on the political future of the investment objectives, market potential, system, analysis of the labor market in a timely manner, and guide the layout of foreign direct investment; improve the social intermediary services to enterprises in China's foreign direct investment, full evaluation and risk assessment, reducing foreign investment blindness, increase the success rate, providing legal, financial, intellectual property and certification of advisory services.
state-owned enterprises in the process of foreign direct investment, and more to demonstrate their own, but foreign investment as a performance, weakening the objectivity of the corresponding argument, and demonstration of high cost, this to create more investment companies and investment appraisal company to reduce costs, and can be selectively targeted investments. recommended the establishment of \integration of the various university academic departments and the Foreign Trade Development Bureau, the Foreign Investment Bureau and other relevant functional departments of the forces and strengthen the research on multinational enterprises. the establishment of \timely access to relevant laws and regulations on foreign investment and current policy.
the establishment of information network management and service system, the implementation of online reporting and online certificate of approval issued. the establishment of a set of foreign trade, foreign investment, foreign exchange, planning, management integrated in a similar China Foreign Trade Facilitation Committee - China's foreign investment management center. carry out various forms of economic cooperation, optimize the allocation of resources worldwide, the formation of specialized foreign investment management organizations, to strengthen macroeconomic management and guidance.
( b) optimizing the industrial structure and regional distribution, and further expand the investment market
1, in the industrial distribution of foreign investment, the Government should foreign direct investment through the development of Guiding Catalogue of Industries, to determine the direction of investment focus and investment, supported by appropriate Industry preferential policies,ghd sale and guide individual behavior and constraints of enterprises to change the dispersion of foreign investment, the status of the blind, to ensure the effectiveness of individual enterprise's overall objectives with our national development objectives. focus on the development of learning high-tech industry foreign direct investment and investment in resource development, vigorously develop the tertiary industry investment, making it the highlight of industry investment, the effective promotion of regional economic structure adjustment and industrial restructuring, and continuously promote the development of national economy.ghd straighteners or cheap ghd straighteners
2, in the regional distribution of foreign investment , to increase investment in developed countries, while encouraging the technological maturity of the labor-intensive industries turn to less developed regions. In addition to investing has been developed and some developing countries and regions outside the near term, in developing countries India, Pakistan, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Kazakhstan, Russia, Nigeria and other countries, has a large population and large consumer groups, rapid economic growth, and many industries in China relative to its domestic industry has a strong competitive advantage Gold GHD straighteners, many domestic enterprises the ideal target of foreign direct investment in the country. Furthermore, neighboring countries such as ASEAN and China in political, economic, and cultural areas close to, and \Foreign direct investment enterprises to develop partners and objects. comprehensive trade and investment liberalization goals and the implementation of regional economic cooperation, China's investment in ASEAN Mekong Sub-region to consider the point. transport facilities to reduce transport costs, the implementation of economic cooperation in areas for investment to create better conditions. coordinated development of regional and industrial policies of foreign direct investment, strengthen the key investment areas to support key enterprises, and promote foreign direct investment in the regional strategy.
specific development strategies:
(1 ) stability and promote Asian investment in China in Asia's foreign investment has geopolitical, economic, cultural and other favorable factors. Asia's rich natural resources, such as forest resources in Southeast Asia, West Asia, Central Asia's oil, iron, potassium and so on China has great appeal. and both the advantages of China's small-scale, technological advantages or features for technical advantages, such as ceramics, embroidery, garden, traditional Chinese medicine and so is suitable for investment in this area. Hong Kong, Macao and Southeast Asia, the area population great market potential; area countries and regions to attract foreign investment to develop a series of preferential policies, good investment environment.
(2) focused on the development of Europe, America, Oceania and other developed countries of investment. the United States, Canada Black GHD straighteners, Australia and other developed markets, large capacity, abundant resources, superior investment environment, strong economic ties with China, is China's important trade partner and source of surplus in favor of investment in the region to break through barriers, extensive use of foreign capital, advanced technology learning , management, access to a wealth of information, and enhance China's status in the international division of labor, improve the quality of the national economy. However, the high level of developed industrial structure, China's relative technological and management advantages difficult to play with them in the market is hard to directly competition. such as through a number of African countries to invest in and use them to enjoy preferential tariffs in Western Europe, the main Western European markets; direct investment in Latin America, North America, the area can make use of preferential policies, extensive use of North American capital, technology and market.
( 3) active development of Latin America, Africa, Central and Eastern Europe investment. these areas not only have a number of scarce natural resources, and our products and services in these areas is also more marketable, better market prospects. China's household electrical appliances, clothing , textiles, shoes, silk and other light industrial products and restaurant industry is very popular in Central and Eastern Europe, and the area is rich in oil, natural gas and other resources to China's enterprises have great appeal. Latin America, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Venezuela , Peru and other countries for oil, iron, chromium, copper, and rich in forest resources, invest in basic good market potential, easy to play our comparative advantages and competitive business advantage; Africa in general economic backwardness, the low level of industrialization, but Libya, Nigeria , South Africa, Zaire, Zambia, oil, copper, chromium, iron and other mineral resources and abundant forest resources, and China's strong economic complementarity and broad prospects. Of course, some countries in the area of political instability, economic chaos, but most of National good investment environment, great potential for the whole.
reasonable regional distribution of foreign investment not only help avoid a variety of appropriate international trade for China's unfair treatment, as well as in favor of domestic industrial restructuring and upgrading.
3, enterprises should develop its own feature selection based on a reasonable way to enter the international market, such as greenfield investments or cross-border mergers and acquisitions. a reasonable mode of entry choice is the key to the success of overseas investment enterprises. Chinese enterprises in foreign markets to enter unfamiliar , the general should be chosen way of joint ventures, the reality is that, nearly 70% of Chinese enterprises by way of joint ventures. The main reason: the majority of Chinese overseas enterprises to use a standard technology, production of mature products, thus using set up wholly owned enterprises ...相关的主题文章:
View of the global cement market system, degree of wave after wave of hot, first in Europe, after the end of the China-Africa Forum, the African cement market is heating up, now the \can be used to describe the full swing is in no way exaggerated.
Recently, the Southeast Asian cement market along with the hot economic development in Southeast Asia is also beginning to heat up, especially Youyi Vietnam, India, Pakistan, the most hot market, this phenomenon cement exports to China is undoubtedly a new opportunity for development, taking advantage of the momentum stocks, China's cement exports to Southeast Asia is gradually increasing. the growing frequency of trade, which showed a large positive situation still exists behind the Many issues of concern.
Vietnam cement trade - trade friction
frequent gradually Health Ministry of Trade, according to the more 5-June forecast of cement market in Vietnam and the rapid growth in demand, sales of cement is estimated that 32-34 per month tons. It is understood that in April into the building thermal quarters, sales of cement in Vietnam smooth Pure Black GHD straighteners, ex-factory price of cement increased by 10,000 per kg from 5 to 30,000 VND.
to catch the current rapid economic development of cement elevator
prices and the growing market demand, the recent mapping of the Vietnamese cement market booming trend.
It is understood that Vietnam's rapid economic development in recent years, the average annual growth rate of 7.5%, GDP growth rate among the first in Southeast Asia Asian forefront. With the development of national economy, in recent years in terms of transportation infrastructure investment of about 150-170 million U.S. dollars, the infrastructure is also engaged in full swing, rural and urban construction of accessible transport network will be vigorously development of transport, so the cement demand is also increasing year by year.
the Vietnamese Ministry of Construction, according to forecasts, the demand for the year 2007 will be 34.6 million tons to 540 million tons, an increase of 9.5% to 10% ghd straighteners cheap, demand was rising year by year trend, while Vietnam existing stocks of cement and clinker was 1.52 million tons, according to Viet Nam is currently the industry's actual production capacity of cement clinker to know ghd RED IV styler, in 2007 Vietnam to import about 500 million tons to 550 tons of cement clinker to meet the needs of the market. Meanwhile, coal, electricity, transportation and other price increases, leading to increased inputs, making a corresponding rise in cement prices, the highest increase of 2 million VND per tonne ($ 1.25). So Vietnamese cement industry was unanimously optimistic about prospects for the development, it is estimated that by 2020 the Vietnamese cement market demand will reach 7 million tons.
According to informed sources, the Vietnamese government has also given strong cement the support of early In January this year, Viet Nam Tao Jiang Cement AG to Bank of Agriculture and Rural Development Hanoi, Thang Long Branch and Branch Development Bank signed a cement plant project loans to Tao Jiang VND 37 billion of bank loans to trade credit contract. with this loans, will speed up the Tao River Cement construction projects in progress, you can see the more the Government is strong support for local cement production capacity expansion, showing support for the national industry.
Now Vietnam has become Asia's most dynamic countries is one of the world's new investment hot spot, and the development prospects for the international community generally good Kiss GHD straighteners, many authoritative economists are rating the world is: the world one of the few truly untapped markets, for investors , with long-term growth potential of Vietnam's accession to the WTO .2007, which means that Vietnam has a population of 84 million began the big stage on the world economy.
increasing cooperation
3 months, China's building materials and equipment limited The company has successfully concluded two in Vietnam at 1,000 tons of cement production line;
followed by morning Engineering Design Institute of Sichuan Branch of the design of the Vietnamese building materials Luks Cement Co., Ltd. 1750t / d new dry cement before construction ignition operation;
4 On 20 April, 23, by the China Building Material Co., Ltd. General Contracting company, Nissan Vietnam Yishan 6,000 tons of cement cement production line contract signing ceremony, the ceremony has held in Vietnam. After the completion of the project, Vietnam to date technology will be the most advanced and largest cement projects, but also China's building materials industry in Vietnam's largest export item.
industry sources,ghd sale more cooperation in a number of large cement production line started construction and operation, marking for China's enterprises , the opportunity has come.ghd straighteners or cheap ghd straighteners
The source also said that at present, China's domestic cement industry is the focus of attention in addition to energy saving and sustainable development issues, explore new markets in the industry is also the focus of large enterprise groups. Like China National Building Material Co., Ltd. is a big business, has started to expand in Vietnam long this \Vietnamese cement industry's \is not easy, according to the Vietnamese \cause departments concerned, many experts believe, is the Vietnamese market in China than the quality of cement clinker and cement imports from Thailand and the domestic production of similar products of poor quality, because of China cement price is too cheap, to the Vietnam Cement legitimate enterprises caused difficulties. Now a month from the more northern provinces (Quang Ninh, such as Mong Cai) smuggled into China about 2000-3000 tons of cement, China cement wrapping paper thin, the Chinese marked with a specification of 40-50 kg / bag. reports said, through an intuitive, easy to damage, such as packing bags, cement agglomeration and difficult to freezing and so on, we can see the poor quality of China's cement.
this, market analysts said that the whole system view of the export market, smuggling is a very low-quality cement A small part of most of Vietnam's cement exports will be through the two customs checkpoints in the more stringent checks, quality problems may not exist, and now the Vietnamese press reported that \br> He told reporters that the situation also reflects the current cheap Chinese cement to the advantage of the market in Vietnam is very red on the sales and market share to a relatively high level.
The analysts also introduced to, and not just cement, many products exported to China will encounter such local special \large number of imports, after the introduction of capital and technology found on the country's economic autonomy and economic independence threatens to turn to a very individual phenomenon of smuggling of cement to evaluate all of the cement imported from China.
he that, in fact, Vietnam concerned about their economic security, national feelings are understandable, but at present China's exports of cement has not got to the safety of the threat level of the local cement market, the more parties in such a way attempts to influence the sale of cement in Vietnam or Vietnam's cement export is completely irrational.
experts in this analysis ghd Precious, like the friction in the process of the emergence of trade, no doubt to the increasingly more frequent in the cement trade struck an alarm, if not pay attention in future , so that the friction into increasingly apparent contradictions or disputes between China and Vietnam is bound to the trade will cause unnecessary trouble. In the future, China and Vietnam also needs further communication in this regard, efforts to create a win-win situation for both parties .
more exciting to do more here in the cement
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Inspection and Quarantine, according to statistics of Chongqing Shapingba seamless, the first three quarters of ordinary steel export batch Shapingba area, identify the number and value of an increase of 696%, 571% and 602% of Chongqing high-pressure boiler pipe, steel pipe exports of ordinary high growth of Chongqing boiler tubes, oil tube useful to ease the formation of trade sanctions by the U.S. and Europe decline in exports of steel pipes stainless steel tubes tend to Chongqing.
It is understood that in the note that enterprises are facing difficulties in exporting products of Chongqing, seamless steel tubes, Inspection and Quarantine Bureau actively Shapingba Chongqing seamless collection of the latest international norms, in a timely manner to provide enterprises with foreign trade measures skills and business address pointers; pointing companies to change trade measures to help enterprises adjust the product structure of Sichuan, seamless, quality and extent of progress in Sichuan steel products; to assist enterprises in ordinary steel pipe and shaped pipe consumption has been broken PURPLE INDULGENCE ghd IV styler, the council mission personnel to increase support for efforts to deepen reform in Sichuan enterprises seamless skills, techniques and business work together to overcome many difficulties in Guizhou steel; help companies develop more types of steel geographical strengths Shapingba actively open up the Northwest sub-market, pointing a single export enterprises changed the form of products RED LUST ghd IV styler, enhanced collaboration with the foreign trade company in Guizhou seamless steel pipe, so that the export products through multiple channels.
Guizhou together with this seamless, Inspection and Quarantine Bureau on the one hand the United Shapingba new classification management method,ghd sale according to the variety of metal materials Pure Black GHD straighteners, use, export country and the product quality and other factors fertilizer Purple GHD straighteners, be useful in risk assessment and control of the root test on the set of useful regulatory mechanism superstition Chongqing forklift; the other hand Cheapest GHD, the council continue in operation 24 hours and the \machine manufacturing company.ghd straighteners or cheap ghd straighteners