Selling down moncler outlet jacket fabric features introduced

Selling down Selling down jacket fabric features introduced jacket fabric species density nylon taffeta, density pongee as well as high-density polyester taffeta, the characteristics of their fabrics emphasize high density Secondly, should also pay attention to the moncler outlet online color is light and bright and functional, not only waterproof, anti-oil, anti- ultraviolet light, but also anti-static, moisture wicking, people wearing very comfortable.

In recent years, the jacket fabric several singing all the way, according to market research and learned that several of the down jacket fabric manufacturers selling jacket fabric, took over on 11 describes the types and characteristics of the selling down jacket fabric. Down customized factory goes. Moncler Sweaters Men

Selling down jacket fabric types introduced

1, high-density nylon taffeta: If 300T, 310T extinction Selling down jacket fabric features introduced nylon taffeta, raw material specifications 40D * 40D, mainly twill style diamond lattice, the style is relatively simple. Also do more in the finishing treatment of the three anti-color to pale, width 160CM, the down jacket fabric wholesale market reference price of between 5.80-6.30 yuan

Selling down jacket fabric features introduced

/ m.


Density pongee: mainly 290T, 300T extinction Pongee, raw material http://www.monclersaletop.com/ specifications 50D * 50D DTY, plain weave, twill two organizations; needs diversification, plaid stripes peak nest, baby's breath. After finishing diverse, waterproof, stain resistant, anti-UV, high density. Width 160CM, the jacket fabric wholesale market reference price of between 3.5-4.1 yuan / m.

3, high density polyester taffeta 50D * 50D FDY: raw materials, mainly to 300T, multi denim organizations. Superfine polyester taffeta fabric Shengze market this fall, the

Selling down jacket fabric features introduced

emergence of new varieties, and the main composite, coating cheap moncler jackets for sale and finishing deep processing link. Sales activity in the market recently, continued bright spot, at the same time, also the down jacket fabric wholesale market price of 8.10 yuan / m up and down.


First, Selling down jacket fabric features introduced high-density. We can see, both high density nylon taffeta, pongee or polyester taffeta stressed. Analysis of the reasons: on the one hand, the desirability of the insulation; secondly convenience Road finishing after deep processing.

Second, is light and bright colors. Reflect market dealers very down jacket manufacturers prefer pale color, creamy white, pink, light green Moncler Down Jackets Men color is more prominent. Analyze the reasons, the main progress of the times, and change people's outlook on life, several colors, young or old clothing in the body will look vibrant and infinite charm.

Third, is functional. These hot down jacket fabrics in addition to the conventional waterproof, anti-oil, anti-UV treatment, both anti-static, moisture wicking feature combined with environmentally friendly printing and dyeing, people wearing very comfortable, functional superior Selling down jacket fabric features introduced. 

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