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PowerPoint presentation converted to Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux and other video to AVI

Whether you're in the office, an organization, or at home, Microsoft PowerPoint is a good your regular partner. When you weave a story using PowerPoint,convert Blu-ray to mkv, Use Mac or Linux to be delivered outside of Windows, or publish live on the Internet, but you will find a terrible limitation, any such reach. For example, you may strike amazing PowerPoint presentation in the Mac install non-MS PowerPoint, or transferred to the format is not compatible with YouTube. At that time, you may want a solution that is converted to a PowerPoint presentation to areas such as AVI.
First of all popular video formats, AVI video format, let us take a quick look .

What is AVI?
AVI Audio Video Interleaved is short. This is a Resource Interchange File Format (RIFF) is divided into blocks of the block or file the special circumstances of the data. First introduced by Microsoft, AVI file is used to store audio content or video content with Windows Media Player on the appropriate codecs installed codec computer compressed difference.
So show your PowerPoint before things, especially when including sound and video clips on another computer, you'd better convert it to AVI video, very good, regardless of the PowerPoint version of the operating system across most mystery.
Next is the next question

How do you convert a PowerPoint presentation AVI?
you can through a huge range of dazzling PowerPoint to AVI option. For simplicity, here we introduce the AVI video conversion to the two most commonly used method of PowerPoint. < / p>

Method 1 uses a third-party video conversion software, PowerPoint The PowerPoint
Top Video is a stand-alone software program that can capture all the sound and save your PowerPoint presentation, such as AVI to any frame and , WMV, MPEG, FLV's, MP4,flv to avi converter, etc., VOB,YouTube to WMV, 3GP, etc., 3G2, MOV or DV video format.
the magic of software to save PowerPoint presentations AVI video, perform the following five steps:

Step 1 Add a PowerPoint file to start the software
Top PowerPoint presentation once the video is installed on your computer, run it, and then click Add to import the converted PowerPoint file.

Step 2 designated as the default output AVI video
directory, the output style is set to the first use of the AVI software. set up a video file of the output folder generation.

Step 3 in the Personal Data Interface
advanced settings click the Settings button next to the field to enter personal data information field. for audio and video parameters are advanced settings. and then click OK to save the current settings.


4-step click to customize the output video
for the output AVI file to customize the custom settings. set any time labels, music, audio, slides and the necessary conversion.

Step 5 Click the Start button to start converting PowerPoint to AVI video
to convert AVI video presentation start. Top PowerPoint to to the last task to make their own video and drink a cup of coffee. < / p>

Once converted, click Finish to view the folder specified AVI video. to play Windows Media Player test its effects, as follows:

Method 2 from PowerPoint
create video screen SnagIt screen as AVI video recorder can record your play on the computer screen presentation. It attracted about 10 frames per second video clip of slides without embedded in PowerPoint presentations. However, if a full dynamic video is, you have to like Camtasia to capture more powerful applications (each $ 299)

. drawback:
1. recorders require frequent re-screen PowerPoint presentation, because they lack of processing a pile of slides.

2. adds AVI output music or narrative is not allowed to slide in the PowerPoint screen video recorder in Top.

3. lack of stability in the screen recording the animation may also lead to the conversion or loss in the output track. contrast

, it is clear, Top PowerPoint to video excellent - fast and PowerPoint presentations for each clone, from the implementation of a targeted light source AVI video to know the person:. How to create a mobile PowerPoint presentation posted on the Internet how to how to PowerPoint PowerPoint presentation to YouTube how to promote your Business use of PowerPoint Arts


How to grab music off YouTube videos?

rip music requires only two easy steps <- - # EndLibraryItem! >: Using YouTube's first music download download music on YouTube, and then use the FLV converter to convert the downloaded music on YouTube (in the FLV format) audio file MP3.

Top the FLV Converter is a professional FLV video and audio conversion software, can help to tear the music from YouTube videos. You can rip music from YouTube, MP3,Mac iPod Ripper, WMA and AAC, M4A, WAV, etc. With the help of the other video converter, you can always retrieve the music video from YouTube to your iPod, mobile phones, in addition to the main function from YouTube video list, at a time from the YouTube video, batch mode conversion, capture music rip music will help save time.

Top YouTube is a free download of the FLV (Flash video) and YouTube music download music, you can download YouTube, YouTube from YouTube and other video sharing sites many of the flash image. Top the FLV Converter is a professional FLV video and audio converter, to help rip music from YouTube videos. With this converter, you can rip from YouTube, YouTube music to MP3, WMA, AAC, M4A, WAV etc., and other video playback of your iPod, cell phone,flv to mp4 converter, etc. on it. In addition to the main function of ripping music from YouTube videos, it also supports ripping music from a number of YouTube video, depending on the time batch conversion mode.

In the following tutorial will show you how to capture the YouTube in the end the music from YouTube, only a few steps

. Step 1: Start Top Free YouTube downloader and YouTube video to select a music download

. Step 2: Click the "Video" tab check the download progress, and then click "Convert" button to convert YouTube's audio format music download progress is complete,

Step 3:. Top FLV converter will be called. Selected as the target audio format MP3, click to large,avi to mp4 coverter, from the green button to immediately rip music YouTube video.