Dedicated digital media Moncler Jackets reps versus all reps sell digital

Should you hire digital media or train your legacy reps to sell new online media? least for Gordon Borrell, President of Borrell Associates, the data and the answers. His http://www.monclerjacketssaletop.com/ organization maintains a that measures well local media companies are progressing with their digital revenue.

When he surveyed these organizations make up of their sales force and thier performance he the following: are about 80,500 media sales reps selling local media (local radio, TV, yellow pages, newspapers etc.).

Organizations with digital reps average 2.5x more digital revenue than those who have their traditional reps selling digital. interesting finding was that the of who are "digital ready" varied by industry:

Newspapers: 85% digital ready Moncler Jackets Sale

TV: Cheap Moncler Jackets 50-60% digital ready

Radio: 15% digital ready

That is not a typo, Moncler Jackets Coats Women for radio, this is reported in a video created by consultant Mark Ramsey, President of Mark Ramsey Media, in which he interviews you want to hear both Ramsey and Borrell speculate on the comical failure of radio Dedicated digital media reps versus all reps sell digital to capitalize on media, play the you have anything to do with radio, a real opener. 100%. Valassis reps sell 100 times the shared mail revenues as newspaper reps. Why? It what they focus on, it all they have to sell. Most every newspaper rep could sell shared mail, most don you have a staff dedicated to selling whirlygigs, guess what? They going to sell a whole lot of whirlygigs, no surprise there.

There are some digital applications that require specially trained reps. Newspaper reps calling on local merchants should have well designed bundles that sell the print subscribers, non-subscribers and a digital audience. This should be easy, with strategic bundling and sales training.

Too many media companies don focus on how digital can really help local merchants, and they don train reps in this either. They sell their inventory.

Dedicated reps are a crutch for being unable to train your reps or merchandise your products in a way that digital meaningfully leverages your other products. If you can create leverage between your legacy products and digital, and you can train all your reps to express it, then just do like the Yellow pages. Pretend Moncler Dress Women you still in the print directory business and sell digital only bundles, with a free print listing. 

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