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How to record audio with Streaming Audio Recorder?
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06:09 9-Nov-2011

Can't download the songs from the Internet or complain about the download quality not the same as the sound compared with the source file? Missing the important class online? If you are troubled with this sort of situation, the Streaming Audio Recorder is really helpful for you.

The Streaming Audio Recorder 's screen is divided into tow main parts. There is a "Recording" section where you can record or stop the recording and set task scheduler. In the "Library" section you can store and organize all you audio clips.

What's more, you can make a personality ringtone. It is so cool, isn't it? The functions of the software sounds great, however, most users are more care for the difficulty of the usage. After you read the steps below, you will find how simple it is to record a audio file.

Step 1, Press the "Record" button
To start your recording, press the "Record" button first after you launch the software. Then you can see the word "READY" in the audio spectrum.

Step 2, Open the audio file
Open the audio file from the Internet or in you local computer, the program will detect the audio stream automatically and record it.

Step 3, Click the "Stop" button
If the recording is completed, just click the "Stop" button and the recording file will be listed in the "Library". Right click the recording file and hit the "Play" button, then you can hear the sound totally the same as the source audio file.

Note: If you want to record the audio file into different formats, before you press the "Record" button, please select the output format in the "Settings" options.

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