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How to download Google Music by using Streaming Au
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06:07 9-Nov-2011

There are variety of media companies offer music on Google, which provide a chance for us to enjoy the music online for free. However, most of the time we prefer to playback the songs offline in MP3, MP4, phone or other applications without time and place limitation. If we download it from Google, the businessman will charge us for money. Searching the downloading recourse from other websites is alway a trouble and useless work.

In this article, I will recommend a powerful and comprehensive app to you, Streaming Audio Recorder. With the help of the app, you can record the music from Google without purchasing in one-stop solution to music transferring to iTunes. Certainly the quality of the recordings is totally the same as the original. Here is the introduction on how to record the music from the Google.

Step 1, Launch
Download the app from official website. Then double click shortcut to launch it .

Step 2, Download Google music
In order to record a completed song, please click the "Record" button first before you play the song from Google. It is so miracle that the process will detect the sound and record a whole song automatically. A prompt will tell you a song is successfully record each time. If you don't want to record any longer, click the "Record" button again, the information about the song will be shown in the Library management.

Step 3, Transfer to iTunes
The default output format is MP3, also you can set the format in the "Settings" options. If you prefer to transfer the songs to your iPhone or iPad, select all the songs and then with a single click to add to them to iTunes.

After using the Streaming Audio Recorder, hardly can you believe how easy it is to downloading the Google music. Hoping you enjoy free music from Google and other music websites!

What's Next
Streaming Audio Recorder features out as a powerful streaming audio detector and recorder, it can records any sound played through your sound card, record music from any online music sites and radio stations like MySpace, Napster, etc.

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